Friday, May 6, 2011

youtube for the day/Jacob Bronowski "Ascent of Man: episode 1, Lower than the Angels."

Since I've gotten down to the period of the cave paintings, I'm posting some of Jacob Bronowski's "Ascent of Man" video series.  This first episode goes from some initial talk about the beginnings of mankind to the cave paintings at the end of the show.

I'd like to further comment that most people think Jacob Bronowski's video series and book "The Ascent of Man" is his major lifes work.  They are not.   The "Ascent of Man" effort is a vary general presentation of mankind.  They are not as technical as his other writings.  Science and Human Values, Origin of Knowledge and Imagination, Science, Magic, and Civilization: these are his major works.  The Ascent of Man video series and asssociated book are more for fun little tidbits here and there.

I must say this though.  The cave paintings at the end of this first episode and the second episode about the agriculture and really civilization are worth the price of the video series!

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