Sunday, May 8, 2011

thought for the day/agriculturalism and the beginning of civilization

I forgot to mention something about the beginning of agriculturalism yesterday(no doute there's plenty more that I havn't thought of!).
The jump from hunter gatherors to agriculture seems to be an almost impossible bridge to leap.  Yes, our ancestors did! Nobody knows how they willingling decided to try to just stop hunting and gathering and just start farming. Like I've said, the knowledge gap is too large.  One thing seems to me for sure; the ability to jump this knowledge gap to farming was human imagination.
You'll probably have to watch maybe midway to get to his beginnings of civilization.  Also, if you want to, you could start from the beginning and watch his points about humanity's dependence on technology.   He also happens to start around the Twin towers brought down in a terrorist attack.

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  1. Agriculturalism produced specialization of jobs(amongst other things like irrigation, pest control, and fertilization; see my post 'the nature and origin of mathematical knowledge').

    This created a class society structure that has proven problematical ever since! People grow up in different social environments. They start generalizing and I would say over-generalizing. People start doing various things(some violent) that don't make sense to others. Rules and ethics go back and forth as the generations pass by.

    One of the things I want to suggest in this blog is that mathematics is the most general viewpoint. Because people are born in different social classes, they start hating things like science and mathematics; they don't understand anything quite honestly. But, they start saying that mathematics is the problem and cause of all troubles; so, they resort to supernatural religion.

    I also want to point out in this blog that humanity is the science and technologicaly dependent species. And that the ethics needed to do mathematical science(courage to try knew ideas out; skepticism of ones own ideas, and honesty to put down ideas when proben wrong) and the real ethics of humanity; you never hear Jesus Christ saying 'criticize everything I say' like you do the Buddha quote I gave earlier on in this blog!

    The social problems with humanity are over/under generalizing and not questioning assumptions.