Monday, May 2, 2011

Laetoli footprints

This is a picture of our ancestors footprints fossilized.  They were walking past an erupting volcano which covered up their footprints as they were walking past.  These footprints are like three million years old.

I'm not sure what else to say about them.  Maybe a comment about evolution . . . number one, it's kindof funny to me how supernatural religion people complain about evolution; i mean they're saying that dynamic living is anti-spiritual; i guess they're religion is a static one; and so, it is!

Something else I'd like to mention about evolution is that it is a more general concept than just 'natural selection.'  Anybody argueing against evolution becuase of natural selection is like anti-science people today argueing science is just mechanistic evil because of newtonian mechanics.  Newtonian mechanics was put in its place at least a hundred years ago with quantum mechanics and Einstein's relativity theories(special and general).  Today, people would note chaos theory as well.

Today, evolution theory involves self-organisation theories like Ilya Prigogine's "stable non-equilibrium" theory; chaos theory, on the strictly life side, Stuart Kauffman's auto-catalytic chemistry.

In terms of mathematics, as mathematics develops, it redefines old concepts(hence evolves those concepts) in terms of new; and based on Godel's theorems, we know that mathematics is infinit; this process wil never stop; the adventure will never stop. 

Outside of the actual bone fossils of our ancestors, these footprints are the earliest record of our adventure to knowledge(that of exploring).   Evolution connects us to our biological origins; evolution is learning; learning is evolving.  With these footprints, we have a record of our first learning.

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