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Astro picture/quote for the day/ more fear of new ideas - George Church and denialism/rationalizing problems away

Credit & Copyright: Tom Masterson (Transient Astronomer)

"Moreover, the judgement of beauty has an absolute aspect to it; beauty seems well suited to be a companion to truth. When we are gazing at some object, we do not consider our judgement of its beauty to be a mere assertion of taste; we do not emphasize the relative aspects of our experience- the time of the day, the particular moment in cultural and historical life, our passing mood. Instead, we feel beauty to be universal, beyond the reach of time of fashion or individual whim. The experience of beauty refuses the particular even as it embraces the abstract; the instant becomes an instance of something else." - Edward Rothstein

George Church starts out almost immediately in this video above about Denialism of global warming.  He mentions denialism of Nazi's killing off Jews.  I'd point out that I've seen denialism of the dark ages, flat-earthers, denial of the moon landings.

He mentions a book, but doesn't say what the book's author is - the Righteous mind.  George mentions scapegoating.  He calls it "the blame game."  These are social games people play to evade responsibility.  I'd say that's similar to the evasive language I've been pointing . . . now in numerous posts since my Sophie and Silas post. I find this "blame game" similar to how slave owners use to just blame the slaves every time something went wrong.  It's easier to put the blame on someone else who isn't like you. Today, it's easier to attack the A.I,, the scientists, than for people to look at themselves.  This is what the Terminator movies do.

People rationalize away problems. Rationalizing sounds like being rational; but, really, this is an unfortunate language twist.  Really, what's meant by rationalizing away is like political spindoctoring.

- I'll leave the links of all my previous posts about fear, evasive language, irrationality in the replies section.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

evasive language in Homer's Odyssey

4th to last paragraph of chapter IV of Homer's Odyssey,

Penelopeia talks to a goddess,

"If you are really divine and a god sent you here, tell me also about that unhappy man: is he still alive anywhere, does he see the light of the sun, or is he already dead and within the house of hades?"

The goddess(actually a kind of phantum generated by Athena - an angel) replies,

"I may not tell you for certain whether he is alive or dead; it is a bad thing to babble like the blowing wind."

Check out my first article about fear and evasive language below.  The above is just my latest evidence for evasive language.

Sophie and Silas - the first blog post talking about fear and evasive language <-- article link

Friday, October 27, 2017

Fear of knowledge,Evasive language and Zen Koans

Image Credits - M.C. Escher(from wiki)

Douglass R. Hofstadter famously finds an analogy between the feedeback in M.C. Escher's drawings(one shown above), Johannes Bach's fugal music, and Godel's inconsistency and incompleteness theorems.  He tries to argue in his --link here>" Godel, Escher, and Bach " that Godels' theorems show the way towards understanding the Human brain and consequently Artificial Intelligence.

Here's --link here> Bach's musical offering,

Douglass doesn't think Godel's theorem is such an show-stopper to mathematics and science.  For him(and yes, me), Godel's theorems just prove that the mathematical adventure is forever - infinite. Godel's theorems can be stated simply as "a consistent finite set of axioms cannot prove an infinity of truths."  But, an inconsistent finite set of axioms can prove an infinity of truths; but, at that point, the set of axioms are a bit dubious.

I've pointed out vague thought that people use to not allow consistent but uncomfortable to them knowledge from entering their mind in my Sophie and Silas post, and then, now, many posts since - lots of stuff in movies that are about fear and irrationality - movies like Planet of the Apes/Invasion of the Body Snatchers and so forth.  Douglass, in his Godel, Escher, and Bach finds much of these types of evasive thinking against constructive and insightful mathematical thought in Buddhist Koans.

Douglass's first Koan is called Ganto's Axe,

One day Tokusan told his student Ganto, "I have two monks who have been here for many years. Go and examine them." Ganto picked up an ax and went to the hut where the two monks were meditating. He raised the ax, saying, "If you say a word I will cut off your heads;  and if you do not say a word, I will  also cut off your heads."

People are always using these unreasanable double stances.  Here, Ganto and Tokusan are taking a double stance against uttering a word.  A word cannot take in the infinit truth of the universe, therefore, we should not think!  They take such an extreme stance on this, that they make up a Koan saying they'll chop off the heads of an Monk who hasn't come to this understanding. The Monks are just to clear the mind of all thoughts and not think,

Here's a great Buddhist temple/statue(religion makes for great art!)

The Ganto koan finishes, "Both monks continued their meditation as if he had not spoken. Ganto dropped his ax and said, "You are true Zen students."

Chapter IX - Mumon and Godel is Douglass's main chapter on Buddhists Koans and logical thought comparison.

A famous collection of Koans is from the twelve hundreds A.D.(1200) by a monk Mumon - the Mumonkan (note, Douglass creates a logical axiom game called Mu in the first few chapters)

The first Koan mentioned here is about a teacher who tells students to roll up a blind.  Two students roll up the blind.  A third person comments, which student was right?  The first one was right, and the second was wrong.  How do we know?  We don't!  If you designate one or the other as right, and the other wrong, the teacher is wrong, which can't happen!  Then there's a poem about this,

"When the screen is rolled up the great sky opens
  Yet the sky is not attuned to Zen
  It is best  to forget the great sky
  And to retire from every wind."

Compare my favorite quote that I've mentioned everywhere from my Gospel of Truth to my Sophie and Silas post,

"People swarm everywhere, talking of incomprehensible matters, in hovels, streets and square, marketplaces, and crossroads. When I ask how many oboloi I have to pay, they answer with hairsplitting arguments about the born and the unborn. If I inquire the price of bread, I am told that the father is greater than the son. I call a servant to tell me whether my bath is ready; he rejoins that the son was created out of nothing."

- Another cute Koan,

"Goso said, "When a buffalo goes out of his enclosure to the ende of the abyss, his horns and his head all pass through, but why cna't the tail also pass?"

The associated poem,

"If the buffalo runs, he will fall  into the trench;
  If he returns, he will be butchered.
  That little tail
  Is a very strange thing."

- Here's one Koan a bit more explicitly against learning nature and thinking,

"A monk asked Nansen: "Is there a teaching no master ever taught bewfore?"
      Nansen said: "Yes, there is."
      "What is is?" asked the monk.
 Nansen replied: "It is not mind, it is not Buddha, it is not things."

The associated Poem,

"Nansen was too kind and lost his treasure.
 Truly, words have no power.
  Even though the mountain becomes the sea,
  Words cannot open another's mind."

- a Koan explicitly against words,

"Shuzan held out his short staff and said: "If you call this a short staff, you oppose its reality. If you do not call it a short staff, you ignore the fact. Now what do you wish to call this?"

The associated poem,

"Holding out the short staff,
  He gave an oder of life or death.
  Positive and negative interwoven,
  Even Buddhas and patriarchs  cannot escape this attack."

- A big part of what Kurt Godel does is derive the equivalent of the Cretans liar paradox - or the Epimenides paradox starts with "All Cretans are liars."  If this is true, then Epimenides is a liar, since he's a Cretan.  But, if it's false, then Epimenides is making a true statement that "All Cretans are liars." But, we've already established the falsity of the statement.  Round and round it goes!

The Buddhist Monk Koans are always playing this twisted dualities game. Their Koans are this huge elaboration on all this, and as I've shown from my Sophie and Silas post on, a major insight on human behaviors. 

Jacob Bronowski explains in his --link here> Origins of Knowledge and Imagination , and I've explained the major points plus my own --link here> James Burke Connections generalisations, both the meaning of Godel's theorems for the nature of mathematics, and human behavior. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

L.A. Confidential scene - beware when people ask why are you trying to question!

I remember, when posting my Gospel of Truth to some New Testament apologists movie, there was some guy who asked me why I'm posting my Gospel of Truth?  He refused to click the link and explore . . . he refused to chance an exposure to something that would challenge his beliefs; so, he'd ask what's this going to say?(what do you think it's going to say?)

I found it; it was a reply to my posting in the replies section of a review of "Risen" at Amazon

Ted1 year agoIn reply toan earlier post
?????????????????????????????????????????? are you talking about??????????????????????????
-  This "beware when people ask why are you trying to question!" is a generalization of the fear and evasive thinking i started with my Sophie and Silas post.

Monday, October 9, 2017

astro picture for the day - Aegean Apocalypse solved?



Luwian hieroglyphic inscription explains the end of the Bronze Age  < -- link to article

In studying Biblical archaeology, a major archaeology mystery is uncovered - the Bronze Age civilizations collapse. The article above says some Luwian hieroglyphic inscription has been made available (one wonders what else is out there in private collections!), and it solves this mystery.

The inscription apparently says some small city state, Mira, conquered the Hittites, and then went on a rampage to go ahead and conquer everyone else, while they're at it.

People have proposed lots of theories for the Bronze Age collapse - earthquakes, climate change, the system got too complex, plague, and my favorite - the Iron age.  Iron age weaponry can go through Bronze weaponry with ease.

There's still no definitive proof of this iron age weaponry.  But, assuming this Luwian insription isn't some relic forgery, then the iron age hypothesis is suggestive. How else does some small city state conquer the Hittites?  And, then, they decided that was so easy and fun, to go ahead and try to bring down all of Bronze Age civilization!  I can only think this Mira city state made iron age weaponry practical.

The original iron age weaponry would have rusted away a long time ago.

I had posted this video above long ago in this blog; but, I decided to re-post it here, so that anybody interested doesn't have to dive deep into the blog.  Also, I want to say a few more things about the Aegean apocalypse.

My favorite theory and interest in this Aegean apocalypse is the possibility that some group invented iron age weaponry and used that against the Bronze age cultures. The above still supports that no matter what; but, I've found some interesting facts that others have used against the theory.

The Bronze age Kings and Queens used iron weapons, and they kept them to themselves. I've pointed out some Biblical passages suggesting that iron making was kept a secret amongst those who knew how to make it. In terms of this fact, the Luwian inscription evidence above suggests that maybe the commoners got their hands on this knowledge. And so, the people doing all the manual labor, long kept at arms length by iron age weapons, now had equal weapons.

- The video above shows there is evidence of climate change.  One should also note that the materials to make either bronze or iron is strategically located. The bronze mostly came from Crete, while tin to mix in and make for Bronze came from Babylonians.  So, if there's disruption amongst those trade lines (perhaps due to climate change), then the commoners for one are looking elsewhere for metals. It's possible that the iron age could have been a slight indirect consequence of the lack of making Bronze.

Here, perhaps the data is not good enought to tell which way this went. For sure, the manual labor people got their hands on iron age weaponry knowledge; but, did they start with that knowledge and sack the temples and the Kings/Queens?  Or, was it a consequence of climate change disrupting the trade lines between Babylon and Crete?

- in the questions time of the Eric Cline video above, about 59:30, they note that the food crops are burned as well.  So, if this invaders were from climate change, why would they burn the grain? This would argue against climate change as responsible for the sea peoples.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

astro video for the day ./ Robert R Wilson - science/art makes a country worth defending

This video is on vimeo, and my blog tools appear limited to youtube; so, I can't embed the video. I'm just going to have to leave a link,

great Saturn video link --> Cassini Approaches Saturn

Amongst non-scientists, even psuedo-philosophers will be heard "why should we fund particle accelerators and astronomical telescopes?  Or, even why should we bother with science at all?  Shoot, you'll hear this sentiment even amongst artists who use technologies to create their art(there is no art without some kind of technology)  Well, Robert R Wilson, who was the driving force behind the FermiLab particle accelerator in the U.S., laid it down very well,

In a conversation with a U.S. Senator John Pastore of Rhode Island, who said, "Is there anything connected  with the hopes of this accelerator that in any way involves the security of the country?"

"No, sir" Wilson said. "I don't believe so."
"Nothing at all?"(the senator again)
"Nothing at all" - (Robert Wilson)
"It has no value in that respect?"
"It has only to do with the respect with which we regard one another, the dignity of men, our love of culture. Is has to do with, are we good painters, good sculptors, great poets? . . . It has nothing to do directly with defending our country except to make it worth defending."

Sunday, September 3, 2017

the dark side of the force and . . . the Forbidden Planet

ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope image

  In my Sophie and Silas post, I point out some historical evidence for this evasive language and fear gaming that is this "dark side of the force", and some curious usage in the movie "The Da Vinci Code."  I've made a few more movie evidences for the irrational mind and the great efforts those who go down that path use to prevent getting out of that frame of mind. In particular, I found some great stuff in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", and "Planet of the Apes"(the original movie). I've gone back and forth about doing one for "The Forbidden Planet." But, now I feel that  should, for reasons that'll become apparent by the end.

I should give a link to the first article I talk about what I like to call "the dark side of the force" - Sophie and Silas post about "The Dark Side of the Force"

There's not much video highlights of the Forbidden Planet on youtube left anymore; so, I'm just going to describe some of the great relevant scenes.

In the beginning of the movie, Morbius . . . whom we haven't met yet . . . calls the spaceship approaching the planet he's living on and warns them to not land.  He doesn't say why.  The ships captain is under orders and presses Morbius to land.  Morbius says "very well, but I wash my hands of anything that goes wrong."

When they land, they meet a Robbie the Robot . . .

  Nanotechnologists like to point out that some of their ideas are suggested as a capability of this robot.  When the Captain and two others visit Morbius at his home for the first time, Morbius describes that if you just feed it any kind of substance, Robbie the Robot can break it down into the individual atoms, and reassemble them in any product you wish. Nanotechnologists like to try and be responsible.  I'll point out the main theme of the movie and technological responsibility at the end of this article.

 Getting back to when they first meet Robbie the Robot, the Ships cook comes out and asks it whether it's male or female.  Robbie says, "In my case, the question is without meaning." I find that people often will make these types of mistakes; asking irrelevant questions.  Often though, they'll catch themselves, and won't ask the question.  But, they will choose whatever answer allows them to hate you.

Getting back to when the Ships Captain, the Doctor, and a Lieutenant Farmer go to meet Morbius for the first time. Right before they're about to leave, Morbius's daughter decides to meet them.  Morbius explains that he did not want them to know of her existence. He's trying to convince them to leave.  As we'll see, part of the reason is he wants to learn on his own and keep it all to himself.

The lieutenant goes to help Altaira, Morbius's daughter. While helping her, he starts trying to make the ships Captain look bad, so the Captain doesn't get to win over Altaira and that he can get to be with her.  He says, the Ship's Captain is notorious for getting lots of sex with all the woman through many star systems. This info war to make the outcome good for someone even though it is false hits home for me. I'm a 42 year old virgin because of these tactics.  Describing all that would make this post much to long. I'll just say that I've heard girls while attending the local college, whom I've never seen, say "he's trying to get girls." Getting back to the Forbidden Planet . . .

When Morbius and Altaira visit the spaceship while the ships crew attempts to troubleshoot and fix the shis, The Lieutenant then takes Altaira in the woods and tells her things like "kissing stimulates the system" and "in fact, you can't be in tip top shape without kissing", in attempts to make out with her.  The Ships Captain catches him and breaks it up. The tactics used by Lieutenant Farmer are more mental tricks to take advantage of the uninitiated. One doesn't know, the other does.  The knower decides to not tell the whole truth of the situation to gain an advantage.

In one scene, the Ships cook has a deal with Robbie the Robot to make a lot of alcoholic beverages.  The Cook can't get outside the perimeter established around the ship(an electric fence). So, he tells Lieutenant Farmer to shut it down for a moment "to get some radishes" for some spiced up special food.  Farmer recognizes that the Cook is lying, he says "look, I don't know what you're lying about, but you better get back before the Captain." If you think it's amazing that Farmer can use these dark side of the force at one time without thinking anything is wrong, and then turns around and notes that the Cook is pulling his leg, well, you've yet to stop yourself to think about things.  Because most people are this mixture of justifications at one time, take action at another. 

- Well, at the end of the movie, The Ships Captain and Doctor get Morbius to admit to what he's hiding  - tons of scientific knowledge, and that he's had his brain abilities heightened, in order to learn the science and technological findings of a Extraterrestrial Civilization that messed up somehow. Robbie the Robot turns out to be a products of his learning.  He made Robbie Robot after learning all this science from the Alien's science archives. But, what Morbius can't see is that when he got a brain boost, he became linked to a machine . . . a machine that can make anything that comes to his mind.

When Altaira told Morbius about Famer's advances, Morbius, in his dreams sent out a ghostly energy field monster and killed a few crew members.  At the end of the movie, they all realize what happened to the advanced Civilization - they created a powerful technology that can make anything they thought of.  They hooked themselves up to this machine. But, they didn't question that if they do so, then anything in their dreams could be made as well . . . and their nightmares.  All their hopes and fears get made while dreaming. Any little transgression from each other gets magnified in their dreams and they killed each other off. 

I've argued that people are conditioned in my Gospel of Truth.  They they refuse to question their own beliefs for social reasons. They want social acceptance more than anything else. A lot of people, like the North Korean leader has so much blood on his/their hands, that they refuse to see their situation for what it is. I've argued that we need to at least put cultural things in their place.  We shouldn't care about food, language, art.  These things have their place in history and provide some color.  But, shouldn't take them so seriously that we start wars over them.  Putin has been justifying his supporting Pro Russians in the Ukraine because "we must preserve our language."  The language certainly should never go away; but, to go to war because you're currency and language isn't the international standard?

If we are to use science and technology, we should not be biased based on ingrained ideas of the past. 

Nanotechnologists and other futuristic technologists will raise the ethics flag, but will then just say we need to supply food, water, medial to everyone.  And, if you try to point out irrationality of mankind, you are ignored or blasted down, as in the 2 Thessalonians quotres I have in my Gospel of Truth, "do not talk to those who walk disorderly, do not listen to those with contrary evidences to our faith." - 2Thessalonians 3:6 and 3:14.

I once tried to explain to Eric Drexler, who came up with the idea of nanomanufacturing, independently, or Richard Feynman, and was the major force behind trying to get it developed in the 1980s on how understanding mathematics gives you an understanding of irrationality - how people refuse to question their assumptions; how they make over/under generalisations.  He reacted violently, and of course, when I tried to point this out to Ray Kurzweil amongst others, they never replied. 

See, Elon Musk, and other's into the Artificial Intelligence revolution will have it that we must make sure the A.I. doesn't get more intelligent than us. Eric Drexler, in his "Engines of Creation", actually says the danger isn't some industrial accident(althought there is some danger there of course), but the real danger is abuse. I point out how abuse works, and he flips! It never enters Elon's and other A.I. concerned futurists that the problem is humanity abusing it. It's easier to go after the machines than people. Almost like back in slave days, when something went wrong, blame it on the black slaves. Elon Musk, and apparently, now Eric Drexler, and every other nanotechnologists nowadays are like Morbius who can't take into acount their assumptions . . . their assumptions that humans developed from the animals and the cultures they grew up in. Cultures can't be questioned because that's means people might be the problem!  Shoot, it might mean they are problem. 

Because of these last points, I decided to make another post about the dark side of the force in yet another movie. Not that I needed any more evidence for what I explain in my Sophie and Silas post and other posts.