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astro picture for the day/Finally, an adequate responce to Bill Joy's "Why the Future doesn't need us"

Image Credit: ESO, VLT, HAWK-I, H. Drass et al.

Bill Joy wrote an article that was never adequately responded to(that alone is telling of the intellectual state of affairs, of our top minds.) -- > Why the future doesn't need us until now . . .


I've finally gotten around to reading the entire Pauline exegesis of Bill Joy's "Why the future doesn't need us" . . .

Bill Joy say how he's always been into the ethical dimensions of science and technology; yet, he doesn't mention Jacob Bronowski, James Burke, Alvin Toffler and so on - Arthur C. Clarke/ Isaac Asimov

- They(Bill Joy and the Unabomber) dystopian nightmare considers two possibilities 1) the machines are given complete control to make all decisions(where do they get the data from to make decisions?), or 2) people maintain control.  They say the A.I. will probably decide it doesn't need humanity anymore and get rid of humanity.  If Humans maintain control(keep themselves in the loop seems to be the way to say it), they'll be an elite.  Maybe they keep a few humans around as pets; maybe they don't and wipe out all they don't like.   But, there's a third possibility which seems to be a real no-man's land that they don't want to talk about - merging with the machines.  Evolving in a way that combines both.  Bill Joy mentions that Ray Kurzweil champions the this third possibility in his "Age of Spiritual machines."  He later notes that a Danny Hillis also believes in this. But, Bill Joy essentially says this impossible and dangerous anyways.

Bill Joy says merging with machines will take away the biological nature of mankind.  Here, I actually agree with him. I believe in chaos theory of consciousness and free will. But, I don't think that merging with machines actually takes away from the biological part of mankind  - if done right. Today's calculators/computers are essentially technological augmentations. I suggest nothing more.  One can imagine wearing a headset kind of like a heads up display to further augment mankind without disrupting the biological nature of human intelligence.  There's more things like genetic engineering that also don't take away from the biological nature of human intelligence.

Bill Joy also brings up extreme individuals. I agree that enhanced bullies and violent people presents a bit of a problem.  But, then again, there will be enhanced rational people as well. If he wants to fight enhanced terrorists and other such people, I'd suggest he become merged!  In fact, I'd suggest that he criticize irrationality, or shut up. Seems that Bill Joy and co . . . Eric Drexler, Chris Pheonix, Ray Kurzweil, the whole lot of them don't want to fight irrationality.  In fact, they're willing to do whatever they can to keep disturbing truths(like religions are bullshit) from being pointed out. 

Bill Joy says the Unabomber is criminally insane, yet he agrees with his logic. Then, he says we should relinguish science.  Mankind is defined/distinguished from the other life on earth by its dependence on science/technology for survival.  To relinquish it is insanity. Combining this with his bah-humbug attitude towards the third possibility, suggests an emotional problem with science winning out by solving all human medical problems, including aging by means of A.I./Nanotech and so on.

They love to talk about the coming science/technology dystopian future. Bill Joy speaks of "Murphy's law" - what can go wrong will go wrong. Mentions his mother prevented him from getting a ham radio because "he's anti-social enough." Mr Joy says technological augmentation will destroy democracy.  He says this will destroy equality.  He clearly doesn't understand that equality in American Democracy doesn't mean everyone is the same - like some technological dystopian nightmare, manufacturing the same person out of a assembly line. Bill Joy is really going crazy here.  What all this has in common is that he refuses fight irrationality. He wants to fight dangerous individuals from becoming superhuman, which is fine.  But, notice he never brings up who is the irrationalists.

Bill Joy says science makes one anti-social.  This is as bad logic as scientists don't appreciate art.  No, it's the other way around.  Arts and 'social people' don't appreciate science/technology. If they did, maybe they could socialize with scientists.  This is proof Bill Joy is an ass kisser to people who twist things around to cover up their own problems.

Everyone wants to suggest some science/technological dystopian nightmare.  That of manufacturing everyone the same, controlling their minds.  But, wait a minute; isn't that what religions are?  Don't all these people believe in their religions because they are conditioned from birth to believe what the clergy tells them to believe?  Isn't that what all those medieval abbeys, high up in the foothills were doing?  Closing themselves off from the world . . . walking around mumbling hymns, with blank stares like the Easter Island statures?  Then he mentions Murphy's law.  Well, I agree again; let's consider Murphy's law.  What can go wrong will go wrong.  If we let anti-science irrationalits(the real extreme individuals), lock ourselves up here on Earth to prevent anyone from getting away(I pointed this out to Chris Phoenix, and his reaction was to play silence games), then those who don't want their ideas challenged will take over, implant 'believe in our religion' chips, and end the human adventure to learn the universe and survive in the universe.

Bill Joy considers the go out in space option.  He then says, "isn't there the danger that we drag our problems with us out to space?" I rest my case!  If Bill Joy wants to fight dangerous individuals from becoming superhuman, then fight irrationality, or shut the fuck up!   He uses the same logic the Christians used in the City/Library of Alexandria, "did not Greek science sap the vitality of the Roman empire"  Therefore God exists, knowledge is evil, lets close ourselves up on some mountain from the world."

- Note, I've yet to actually e-mail wired magazine this response of mine.  I should probably generalize my response based on my postings about Sophie and Silas below, and even my Gospel of Truth(still in progress; yes, I have ideas of adding more material and editing/smoothing it up).

There's been all kinds of scientific/technological advances since my last post.  One sticks in my mind - programmable rna vaccines.  If true, this solves cancer, viruses from the common cold to HIV and even Ebola!  Sounds impossible? Read this --> Engineers design programmable RNA vaccines

- More evidence Planet9 might exist; it solves the Sun's tilt with respect to the solar system -- > Planet Nine may have tilted entire solar system except the sun

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Some latest comparative mythology of the New Testament

I've heard of this finding of Homer in the Gospel of Mark(primarily); but, I didn't worry about it.  I considered it secondary to astrotheology.  And, I still do. But, "TruthSurge" gives enough to prove that the Gospel of Mark does a certain amount of rewriting, recoding up Homer's Odyssey.  What really got me excited, and I'm sure I'll self-interpolate and later re-edit my Gospel of Truth again, is that of the Gemini twins.  When I tried to read the Gospel of Mark to see if it follows the pattern of the twelve constellations(and it does for the most part), I always found the Gemini twins to be a little bit of a stumbling block. This Homer findings in Mark solve this problem!

TruthSurge has another video series, "Jesus:Hebrew human or Mythical Messiah" where he, for the most part, goes over the Earl Doherty theory of the New Testament and Jesus Christ. In my Gospel of Truth, I point out two passages, one from Paul(whoever he is), and the other from James the Just(presumably) where they're calming down those who they're trying to convert, and saying Jesus Christ will come. I point these two passages out to point out that if Jesus Christ had already come, they wouldn't be saying, "don't worry, my midrash will work". TruthSurge picks out all 41 instances of these; hence, showing that this disproof of Jesus Christ are not just two little passages; its' a major theme of the New Testament/Pauline letters.

TruthSurge also has a two video series on James the Just.  He doesn't mention Robert Eisenman; but, the findings amount to the same.  That Jesus Christ is a Hellenistic sungod overwright of James the Just.

- In looking up "Christ Killers", I was led to an Amazon book, which then led me to a Melito of Sardis - here's his wiki,

I wrote this as a reply to one reviewer,

- "I haven't read the book. I for one have been using the Christ killer charge against the Jews as proof that Jesus Christ never existed! Does it make sense? Why would Jews kill a Jew, king of the Jews? And! proclame Caesar as their ruler(in Gospel of John). For me, this has suggested that Jesus Christ never existed; so, when Gentiles(Greeks/Romans and anyone else not Jewish) went to the Jews to ask about him, they said, "I don't know what you're talking about." This is in the Gospels. So, the Gentiles said "Christ killers"; you guys(Jews) are spoiling our fun! There has to be a "Sun" of God; otherwise, how else are we to be saved?(Epistle of Barnabas quote).

About that Sun of God in quotes, here's what I found after reading the collective, extant works of Melito of Sardis - "that this was the first-born of God, who was begotten before the sun." This is not the first quote I've found of Christians and church fathers saying things like, the twelve followers of Jesus Christ are the twelve zodiacal constellations. I'll dig them out if you want me to.

Of further note about Melito of Sardis, he was in contact with a Marcus Aurelius. This is not the first time I've wondered if maybe the Gospel of Mark is written by Marcus. Marcus Aurelius also presumably conversed with Justin Martyr. What for? Maybe I need to read Marcus to find some clues. But really, reading the Melito of Sardis wiki is highly intrigueing.

Here's a Jew, Christianized . . . "Trained in the art of rhetorical argumentation, Melito is believed to have been greatly influenced by two Stoic philosophers in particular, namely, Cleanthes and Poseidonius. Also proficient in the allegorical interpretation of Homer" Melito Wiki. Gospel of Mark has stoic poetic puzzles Jesus uses to sound sophisticated. And Homerisms. . . . then again, Melito was writing under the influence of the John Gospel tradition. So, the Gospels had to be known before him. Of course, like Marcion's Gospel of the Lord, and his Pauline cannon, the literature was edited by many hands as they passed down from one Christian writer to another."

And then I noted that that this, along with Melito mentioning before the sungod part(actually meaning, Jesus Christ came before the sun and everything else), Christ killers, is the end part of a speech he made . . . in front of Antoninus Caesar - this guy,  What's interesting here?  Antoninus Pius is father of Marcus Aurelius. check out,  Scroll down to the first roman numeral.  That's the beginning of his speech to Antoninus Pius.  The passages I mentioun are in part V.

I should say that I've suspected Marcus Aurelius before because of some artwork in a Christian temple of Revina. - see this wiki of Galla Placidia, who moved the capital of Rome to Ravenna, and may have invited Germanic barbarians to help sack Rome, to defend herself from Pagans,

Also check out this John Romer Testament video on youtube, where you can get a good look at this Placidia tomb/Christian temple, and see, that the four Gospels are mentioned, and the Mark, representing the Gospel of Mar is spelled Marcus.

 And . . . Antoninus Pius predecessor was Hadrian, who was the last to sack Jerusalem. Antoninus Pius further was the son of a Titus Aurelius Fulvius, who supported Vespasians bid to the Imperial thrown! Vespasian, of course, was named the savior of the Jews at the end of Flavius Josephus's "The Jewish War."  The Vespasian who sacked Jerusalem the first time in 66 A.D.

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astro picture for the day/ note for the day

image credit; ESO

Neanderthals appear to have arranged a bunch of stalagmites in circles about 170,000 years ago.

Before cars, airplanes, computers and so on, the high technology of the day tended to be architecture.  Another interesting technology was boats. I often like to say that the first architecture were temples for pre-historic people, really, because making some kind of architecture back then was like them making their own caves(shelter/home). Making their own caves also represented their ability to take control of nature to a certain extent.

The Neanderthal construction above is interesting for that reason; but also, the fact that they used pre-made elements from nature.  They had not yet figured out how to shape, maybe even engineer the material itself(to be stronger, or more flexible and so on).

Note for the day, Gospel of Truth has been updated - see the "latest Gospel of Truth" below 1/21/16 post.

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astro picture for the day/ Göbekli Tepe solves the hunter/gatherer to agricultural civilization transition

Image Credit & Copyright: Rogelio Bernal Andreo (Deep Sky Colors)

The latest research on Gobekli Tepe seems to solve the problem of the hunter/gatherer to agricultural civilization problem.

This was the hardest problem of archaeology for sure.

When Gobekli Tepe was discovered, we knew archaeologists have dug something up.  I for one noted that astronomy still wasn't part of human consciousness.  It's still animals that were the central concern of the cave painters up to thirty thousand years ago.

The video above, National Geographic's Cradle of The Gods, shows that storing of food was the innovation that allowed the hunter/gatherers to get enough people for a long enough time to build Gobekli Tepe.  Surelly, after a certain amount of time at Gobekli Tepe, some seeds sprouted, and they took notice. When they did, people experimented with agriculture and moved away from Gobekli Tepe.

The transition from hunter/gatherers to agricultural civilization appears to connect Gobekli Tepe to Catal Hoyuk - 7000 B.C.  Gobekli Tepe goes back to 12,000 B.C.

Catal Hoyuk still has animal paintings similar to the cave painters,

But, they do have a preoccupation with bulls heads statues,

which we find a cultural continuity with the Minoan bullheads of the late Bronze age culture on the Crete island,

and at Catal Hoyuk, we find the venus figuries,

Curiously, we haven't found these Venus figurines at Gobekli Tepe. Who knows?!

The questions become how do we get from Catel Hoyuk to the Egyptians/Mesopotamians.  How about mathematics being the difference between the past cultures before them?  Well, it's one major difference.

- Looking up hunter/gatherers, I found the Sentinelese people <--link here, researchers suspect these people are cultural relics of the first Homo Sapiens coming out of Africa almost a hundred thousand years ago. They speak a language that is unclassified.

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Astro picture for the day/ Leonardo Da Vinci quote

Image credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Team

"tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscious approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death." - Leonardo Da Vinci

- note for the day - my latest "Gospel of Truth" has been updated - the 1-21-2016 post


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astro picture for the day/ Quote for the day

Image Credit & Copyright: David Lindemann

"The investigation of these theorems is of great service both for the synthesis of problems and the determinations of limits of possibility. On the other hand Nicoteles, on account of his controversy with Conon, will not have it that any use can be made of the discoveries of Conon for determinations of limits: in which opinion he is mistaken, for, even if it is possible, without using them at all, to arrive at results relating to such determinations, yet they at all events afford a more ready means of observing some things, e.g. that several solutions are possible or that they are so many in number, and again that no solution is possible; and such previous knowledge secures a satisfactory basis for investigations, while the theorems in question are further useful for the analyses of determinations of limits. Moreover, apart from such usefulness, they are worthy of acceptance for the sake of the demonstrations themselves, in the same way as we accept many other things in mathematics for this and for no other reason." - Apollonius of Perga