Thursday, August 23, 2012

youtube for the day/ Planet Earth

About the only reason I want to show this video series is because it's the last pretty good science video I know about in the whole world.  That alone says something about the current human condition.  I figured I'd show it while I'm putting up all these other videos!

I suppose I could make some comment about this knowledge about Planet Earth.  I don't know who said it first, but it's been said that one of the most significant outcomes of the Apollo program and the space programs since the late 1950s starting with the Russians Sputnik is that of seeing our Earth directly for the first time. It's had some affect but perhaps not as much some would like!  The Hubble Space Telescope seems to me to have had more affect on Humanity than the space programs of various countries.

This Planet Earth video series also presents the scientific spirit; it shows some of the first accurate knowledge about the Planet Earth in human history.  Before a hundred years ago or so, nobody knew how old the Earth actually was.  Much can be said for the rest of human knowledge; for the first time, we have some answers to quite a bit of everything we see. 

------------------------------and I've managed to find some more crazy science/tech for the day!

I've heard of this as I've heard of much else;  i've always felt like I'm getting bread crumbs; but, I've also been satisfied with this bits here and there.  I figure, when it gets here, we'll all know.  But this blew me away!  It takes a little while to get into it, but this is an update that is hugh!  And, this talk was given back in march!  He seems to be hinting pretty well in my opinion that he can bootstrap to Feynman/Drexlerian nanomanufacturing.

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