Saturday, August 25, 2012

First man to set foot on the moon passes away

As the Wiki shows, Neil flew the X1b(as oppossed to the bell x-1 of Chuck Yeager, and the x-15 pictured above, then the Gemini and the Apollo 11 first human moon landing. The wiki has an embedded video of the first human step on the moon. 

The Apollo 11 landing was easily the most boring space mission after Neil stepped onto the moon. He also made the famous quote, "that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

I think that Neil died knowing that SpaceX has really gotten things going and most likely will open up the space frontier.

- It took the whole Saturn V rocket to get three men to the moon; it took half the lunar landing module to launch back up to lunar orbit.  Yes, the service module was needed to rocket back to the Earth; but, there is a striking difference in scale!  I mean, once a human presence is established in space, it's relatively easy to get around after that!  There's a wealth of materials and energy to tap that is easy to get to and use once in space.  Our problem is getting established out in space.

-------------------------just some of the crazy science/technology reported around the time of Neil Armstrong's passing away

This may not stop those who want quantum loop quantum/gravity, but it's going to make them think a lot harder!  Quantum loop gravity is a challenger to the String theory explanation of quantum gravity.

Nanotechnologists(dna nanotechnologists?) are excited about this; maybe they can speed up analyses of dna-nanotechnologies.  They've sped up dna-nanomanufacturing substantially, but the analyses was still hard.

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