Wednesday, August 8, 2012

astro picture for the day

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I can't seem to find a youtube; so, I'm linking directly to physorg article with a video of a galaxy survey(well worth viewing!).

The above is an image of quantum entanglement. Quantum computer researchers have been working to make quantum computers by making and manipulating quantum entanglement; but, these researchers are showing the relations between the quantum world and the classical may allow an easier way!

-Quantum computing might be easier, is Feynman/Drexler nanomanufacturing easy?  The obvious solution from today's(or yesterdays) technological base to feynman/drexlerian nanomanufacturing is to use stms to build smaller stms; but, that has proven to be a long road.  Eric Drexler has tried throughout his life really to find a shortcut; is there a shortcut(whether easy or hard) to get from today's technological base to nanomanufacturing?  So far, not really; or, the shortcut isn't exactly an easy one.   Could this result lead to an easy path towards nanomanufacturing?

Dna-nanomanufacturing has been shown now to be able to make arbitrary shaped nanomechanical gold parts with probably generalizations to other metals at least.  Or, this ability could be used to design specific catalysts which can do discrete chemical reactions(building nanomechanical parts). 

Dna-nanomanufacturing has been shown to be able to self organise the placement of arbitrary nanomechanical parts already.  So, if it can make them as above and self-organise them, then, we may start to see some nanomanufacturing from dna-nanotechnology.  Dna nanomanufacturing may yet provide an easy shortcut to feynman/drexlerian nanomanufacturing.  In other words, we might be able to get nanomanufacturing within our lifetimes!

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