Monday, August 20, 2012

astro picture for the day

Image Credit & Copyright: Bret Dahl

--------------------------------Mechanical Universe extra!

I've tried to straighten out the Mechanical Universe's presentation, but clearly I wasn't able to.  I've pretty much covered the quantum mechanics side of things.  I'm planning on covering the industrialism/thermodynamics which is kind of related to atoms; but, it's also somewhat related to the particle physics/cosmology side of things(the three quantum forces are generally thought to unite at very high temperatures; temperatures that mankind cannot duplicate; gravity is hoped to unite at temperatures that makes that unification energy seem kind of quaint).  But, I'm going to cover the Einstein Relativity theories second, and then backtrack to the thermodynamics later.

----------------------------crazy science/technology for the day

Nobody is quite sure where this will lead science or technology wise.

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