Thursday, October 4, 2012

astro picture for the day

NGC 7293: The Helix Nebula
Image Credit & Copyright: Martin Pugh

Scientific and technological developments started slowly back in the stone age(which lasted from four million years to approximatelly five thousand years ago); or, one could consider that they just knew different things; they knew every path , rock, plant that they hiked around.  They knew seasonal patterns of birds, animals and so on. Somewhere in their presented problems(whether due to environmental or cultural), or connections as James Burke would present them.  One problem leads to more questions(or connetions/influences).  Advances would accellerate the more we had language understandings or mathematical science.

I certainly stopped trying to map out all the connections after the Kepler/Galileo/Newton scientific revolution when things really kicked into high gear. The mechanical universe videos helped present some without me having to write it all out.  I've been sneaking in the latest developments of quantum computers and nano-manufacturing as much as possible; before presenting some exciting new stuff, I thought I'd note some things about the connections between the coming nano and quantum computing era.

Nanomanufacturing alone will make the industrial era seem like the stone age.  One connection/implication that will come from nanomanufacturing one way or another is artificial intelligence.  Nanotech plus artificial intelligence will mean the possibility of science and technological advancements that dwarfs anything we've experienced before. An A.I. nanochip alone could work day and night doing twenty four hour observational data collection and analyses or experiments, or even automated engineering.  That alone is like the difference between hand made manufacturing and steam powered cotton machines.  Hook up an A.I. with a nanomanufacturing unit, and the A.I. could set up countless nano experiments, or experiments of any kind that it needs.  Imagine making thousands, millions, or billions of A.I. nano chip engineers and scientists.  The amount of scientific knowledge would become so astronomical, only the A.I. could possibly comprehend it all.  Notice I don't say mathematical knowledge; well, untill someone can say what mathematical knowledge is and that A.I. can come up with new concepts and do the proofs(they can do the proofs; they have proof software today), well, then the mathematics could also be stellar.  If we could come up with A.I. mathematician nanochips, that really would be something.

I think i mentioned an article about a topological insulator approach to quantum computation; the topological insulating means one can really prevent the qubits from being swept away from interaction with the surrounding environment.  There was reports about a month ago; to get this result this quickly is a good sign for quantum computation.

Manipulation of Majorana fermions by point-like gate voltage in the Vortex state of a topological superconductor

I have to get off soon, but this article indicates nanomanufacturing could go into accelleration mode,

mathematical advance allows for develop of arbitrary nanostructures

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