Monday, October 22, 2012

astro picture for the day

ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope image

The above is of a starburst irregular galaxy.  Irregular galaxies are generaly characterized by not being spiral!  Well, one really significant differnence is that spirals have black holes at their centers and irregulars don't.

Some extra thought for the day. To say the least, I pointed out to a bunch of futurists recently that if their info-theoretic ideas of intelligence(basically, everything is just information, and the difference between us and other lifeforms is we have more bits to play with in our brains than other life) is corret, than Dolphins, whales, really anything bigger than us should be smarter than us.  I mean according to their definitions of "everything is bits", what's more massive is more bits.  Every lifeform is a piece of information through and through.  I agree with this actually, but the fact is that the human species has learned mathematics and all other life has not.  So, these transhumanists in my opinion are about to make some pretty big mistakes.

I'm astonished at the transhumanists reaction to my ideas about intelligencea nd irrationalists; but, should I?  I've seen progressive political people who considered themselves intellectuals because they are progressives.  Seems that many people have lots of funny ideas about what it means to be intellectual.

------------------------------------------science/technology extra fro the day!

scalable quantum computing

Despite some specialized quantum computing, most people have felt that general quantum computing is twentry years off.  Well, we've seen plenty of indications of making quantum computing happen a lot earlier than that!

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