Tuesday, October 30, 2012

astro picture for the day/ gangs/cults/religions extra

Reflection Nebula vdB1
Image Credit & Copyright: Adam Block, Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter, University of Arizona

Gangs reason by fear instead of reason; cults, gands, and religions are all the same. They all have a ten commandments.  All gangland videos show the same thing; use of fear and vagueness games instead of reason, ten commandments of some sort; chain of command.
Mathematics and religion have something in common; they have analogy. But, one is about being precise, constructive, the other is about being vague and is not into being factual. Mythology may not always be religion, but it quickly moves towards ethics to make it significant where it wouldn't be. If you read the ten commandments for instance, in Exodus 20 and Dueteronomy 5. The good things are just the last five commandmetns; the first commandments are all kind similar to one another; they all say, believe in me and no one else. Every dictator in history said "I love you; but, if you leave me, I'll tear your balls off." This is what the Ten commandments really are saying. The effort to make one god fits the dictatorship effort; believe in me and no-one else. Who else uses ten commandments of some sort? Gangs.
Gangs always have a mythology, and a rules to follow, a flowchart of who's in charge. Another term for gangs would be cults. Cults would be characterized by the use of mythology. This shows the connection between cults and religions. Religions are just bigger versions of Cults. Cults are just gangs; Religions are just big gangs. People go to gangs/cults/religions to escape the general fear mongering of society. If somebody gives you shit, your gang will back you up no matter what. Let me reiterate the difference between mathematics and mythology/poetry; one is constructive and only believes by reason; one solves problems by reasoning; the other solves problems by violence. That other one besides mathematical science is religion/cults/gangs.
-------------------------------------------science/technology news for the day!
If they can place carbon nanotubes anywhere they want, maybe they can place them to make gears, and then various nanomachines?
Nobody is quite sure where this ability will lead! 

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