Sunday, September 30, 2012

astro picture for the day

Image Credit & Copyright: John Davis

------------------------------------------------crazy science/tech for the day?

There's a lot of good stuff!

just some idea of remarkable these quantum computers will be,

Some groups are saying quantum computing isn't hear yet, others are solving problems with quantum computing,

starting to create protein nano-machines

a spacetime crystal, an eternal clock; really, we don't know what applications this will lead to.

and last and least, Spanish archaeologists have found ruins back to the times of Troy and even the Pyramid building times.  Being in France, this pushed much further west anybody's idea of how soon an advanced civilization could have developed. 

general view of the ruins

some more views of these great ruins

some important person for these peoples

the usual artifacts, still, the use of metals is a good sign for any culture back then.

Maybe they had art, maybe they didn't; but, these ruins appear to be very militaristic. Maybe they were under too much pressure to do art and science; but, it just seems to me that if a culture learns to just do science, that will get them to places far removed from other militants.  But, these people didn't embrace the scientific ethic.

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