Monday, July 2, 2012

thought for the day/ Higgs has all but been announced(formaly)

I was wondering what I could find to post that would allow me to mention that the Higgs particle has all but been announced and discovered. I started thinking, "o.k. maybe a fun day post; i'll post some music; pink floyd was too obvious, so I started looking at Def Leppard "Woman" "Rock of Ages", "Satellite".  Well, somewhere in listening and looking for some fun music that is sortof related to science, I thought of it!  First I thought of the sounds of space(mostly planets).  Then, I recalled they did this for the lhc and even the Higgs particle!

The bottom LHC sounds is that of the simulated Higgs particle!

There's always an exciting science discovery announced on at least a weekly basis.  Sometimes an exciting science or technology is announced every day(at least it seems to me). This week looks to be pretty exciting.  There's a new nuclear powered nustar space telescope in orbit that looks to start imaging pretty quickly.  Russia's space radio interferometer has completed testing; so, it should be interesting to see how quickly news comes out of there.  And, a pretty big nanomanufacturing news item.

I've heard of these rotaxane moleculars before.  They've talked about self-assembling them into larger mechanical complexes because they are unusually stable.  They've made molecular cars out of them.  The article linked above shows that by making a solid out of them, they can make gears and motors.  One can now make rows or gears and motors, put them on top of each other to drive each other and so on and so forth. The path to molecular machines looks to come faster now.

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