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thought for the day/ the French intellectual tradition

I've pointed out that the mathematics gene(I don't believe in such a thing; i' m just half joking) seems to have taken hold in certain cultures at certain times and places.  And, as the fight against irrationality inevitably goes the irrationalists way(through being socially bound up or just flat out getting pushed over; ther Greeks were actually socially bound up; the Alexandrian library on the other hand was literally burned down by those who don't want to question and learn when their ideas are proven wrong) because it's easier than to learn mathematics, mathematics arises somewhere else for awhile till the irrationalists feel their freedom to bullshit is being infringed upon.  Anyways, what culture has been the most dominating mathematically since the Renaissance?  the French! Vieta, Pascal/Desarges, Descartes, Fermat, Lagrange, Laplace, Legendre, Monge, fourier, Cauchy, Galois, Hermite, Poncelet, Poincare, Andre Weil, Alain Connes, Deligne, Serre, Jean Bourgain, Laurent Lafforgue.  This list is not complete for sure. But, it's pretty good.

Other cultures have hard to argue against mathematicians; but, as a whole, the French have the current longest streak going!

This french domination(perhaps not by that much) is curious in the light of the sungods most archaeologicaly dug up in the 1800s.  As I've tried to point out in this blog, mythology and mathematics do share some common features - that of analogy.  Mathematics is well defined and constructive; poetry/mythology is purposely vague. Poetry and Mythology do have the distinction of perhaps serving a formative stage back in, well, pre-mathematics stages of mankind; curiously, the mythologists don't seem to want to stand down and not take it so seriously.  But, getting back to the French and sungods.  Naponean Bonaparte curiously spent a certain amount of time in Egypt.  Why?

The french also have the distinction of blowing the nose off the sphinx.  The French translated the rosetta stone and went around reading all the Egyptian tombs.  Recently, I've seen(I need to go and relook it up) that some French appear to have believed or speculated that Jesus Christ is remarkably analogous to sungods(this pre-1800s Napolean Bonaparte).  Was Napolean and the French in Egypt to confirm/deny this crazy idea that Jesus Christ is just various cultures sungods rolled up into one - one ring to rule them all?

The next question if true, is did they succeed?  Well, in my experience, one can read the original church fathers and find all kinds of oopsies like "Jesus Christ is a sungod" type of statements from the likes of Saint Augustine; but, one can argue(and christians do) that these are later statements that you can't take seriously.  Well, if you study Egyptian mythology enough, one can find mythological paralleles up the ante all B.C.  and then there's some curious statements from Herodotus(Greek historian who visited Egypt) about how the Egyptians 'personified' the twelve constellations.  Bottom line, one can show undisputably that the mythology of Jesus Christ goes back thousands of years before in Egypt for one.  Whether the French ever established conclusions or not I don't know.  Today, others have established and put all the evidence together.  We still can't say who made it all up(the Jesus Christ sungod anyways).  But, it doesn't matter imo.  If Jesus Christ was just a man and not a 'sun' of god; then so what! 

--------------------------------------------July 10, 2012 edit------------------------------------------------

Acharya references Comte De Voiney as perhaps the influence on Thomas Paine for his 'origin of freemasonry'(which I've made available on this blog not to far down from here).  I asked the question of where Thomas Paine get his ideas?  Now, that question can be pushed back even further; where does Mr De Voiney learn about sungods before the deciferment of the Rosetta Stone?

---------------------------------------------July 13, 2012 edit--------------------------------------------------

While the French have this great intellectual tradition, they also have their irrational side(just like all cultures; for instance the Greeks as I've pointed out before; they ran out the Pythagoreans because of their mathematics was scaring them; the Pythagoreans took Hypasus out to sea and drowned him for showing the irrationality of the square root of 2; and, see my gospel of truth to see the relation between Plato and Christianity). 

The French history is almost dominated by the reign of terror almost at the same time as America was putting in their democracy.  The French reacted remarkably different to the new idea of freedom of thought sweeping the American colonies.  They went on a rampage to kill all the intellectuals!  They beheaded, lots of them including Antoine Lavoisier Marie Antoinette.  When America took out the Iraqi government wrongly looking for Osama Bin Ladin, the Iraqi people went on an intellectuals killing spree.  They also went raiding the museums for every historic relic to hide and sell on the black market.  When the Nazies were loosing, Werner Von Braun and his band of engineers had to go into hiding because the Nazies wanted to kill them off so that nobody could get their knowledge. Examples can be multiplied of the vagueness gaming irrationalists, the anti-science religions that are jealous of the accomplishments of science throughout history; i've been writing much throughout this blog about this.  The evidence is clear. People go to anti-science religion because it is easy and they are jealous of real intellection.

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