Saturday, July 28, 2012

astro picture for the day

Credit: FORS Team, 8.2-meter VLT Antu, ESO

An interstellar cloud that has collapsed enought o redden the stars on the opposite side from our view!

------------------------------------extra goodie for the day-----------------------------------------------------there's been all kinds of great scientific, technological advancements; but, i've been tired lately - sorry; but, this takes the cake!

Note, the article says they've suspected for awhile now that Gorillas have been able to do this.  Never the less, this is pretty advanced for most of what's been observed for Primates other than Homo Sapiens. Basically, they've got camera photage of Gorillas taking apart traps(not for them but for smaller prey).  The Gorillas  do so just in case the traps take some of their small children!  That's further impressive!

There's so much that can be said for this.  Why don't they advance?  What about our own history?  We've always wondered why the pace of technological and mathematical advancement has only really gotten going in the last ten thousand years.  And, even then, there were periods of not so much advancement as a previous period. One could argue that being forced to travel forced new thoughts; but, also coming back or meeting others that went another way and hence mixing those new thoughts to make even more new thoughts. There's also the issue of forgotten knowledge due to a tribe getting blasted by a meteorite, another tribe, volcanoes and so on; this sets them back to the stone age(figurativelly speaking!).  Not to mention the article says the Gorilla pointed, didn't use vocal language.  The evolution of vocal langauge obviously took awhile, and vocal language that we use is far more sophisticated than people assume most of the time; in some ways, new language words were new discoveries for Homo Erectus and Sapiens for hundreds of thousands of years!

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