Thursday, July 19, 2012

astro picture for the day

Nasa Hubble space telescope image

this is the problem with all sports and anything else other than science; they are vague.

Sports like football(both american and soccer football), baseball, basketball, and so on; these sports are always changing the rules each year because someone finds a loophole. Some(like me) have tried to view racing like autoracing and running(I'm a cross country runner) would be more 'pure' sports where the rules are more clearly defined.

 The problem with racing is you know who's going to win; they guy with more money, or more horsepower, or better engineers. And then, the racing governing body puts in all kinds of stupid rules to artificially put the competition back in; today, F-1 has this stupid rear wing that can open a flap and allow the cars to go faster down the straight; only, the F-1 governing body has stepped in and made a rule to make the cars easier to pass(F-1 cars aerodynamics have created a bit of a competition problem; while the aerodynamics allows the care to go faster . .

 the cars behind that are faster can't get around slower cars because they ruin the air behind them). It's a total artificiality.

It's kind of curious how sports carried to logical conclusions involves science and technology; yet, the outcome is 'you know who's going to win if all things are set equal.' And then, they say things like 'ethical implications.'

  Ethical implications are a vague concept that people throw who have a personal problem with scientific progress. People are forever wearing punk clothes and then saying "hey, what are you looking at." Recently, some news guy was interviewing some mars direct guy about his one way to mars program funded by letting people watch it. The news guy snapped "but, aren't there ethical implications?" I mean that's like the spanish saying to columbus, well, what about the ethical implications of making people work hard, maybe they'll get killed or kill Japanese by some disease. No doubt, some people abused the exploration 

of the americas; but, humanity is a young primitive species; there's going to be growing pains. I've tried to get people get over their primitive beliefs here on physorg; and guess what, these people don't budge unless forced! If people don't want to think things out logicaly, factualy, scientificaly; I don't want to hear it with respect to this anti-science 'ethical implications' tactic.

For instance, the scientific viewpoint would be, face the facts, these sports are fundamentally flawed; go go mathematics and mathematical science instead; learn that the true purpose of mankind is to explore the universe; that is the true spirituality. That is the pure sports.

----------------i wrote the above in responce to a physorg article just now; i suppose I could link to it!

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