Friday, February 5, 2016

astro pictures for the day/ Agnostic and Irreligion generalisation

Some thought for the day . . .

I've pointed out in my post about the film "The Da Vinci Code", observational proofs of how people play vagueness games(Monday, June 8, 2015 post of this blog); ways of avoiding facts starring them right in the face.  It's almost like when someone gets caught red handed, they start lying left and right.  Some more evidences, besides the abundance of poetry for thousands of years of humanities existence, are the religious concepts of agnostics and irreligion.  Irreligion is a new one - actually about five or so years ago.  But, between agnostic ideas and this new(primarily European) irreligion concept, suggests a mentality of avoiding an issue they are uncomfortable dealing with. 

It's often said that 'when we're busy checking exeryone at the terminals for guns and such, that terrorists have accomplished their objectives".  To make a free society live in fear.  And so they have.  But, my point here is that what I like to call the dark side of the force(all these vagueness games), or religion has accomplished it's goal - to instill fear of questioning everything. There's that great Buddha quote,

"Believe nothing on heresay. Do not believe in traditions because they are old, or in anything on the mere authority of myself or any other teacher."

But, this is not what religions, in particular supernatural religions, want, and religious concepts like Agnostics/Irreligion is proof of the bullies that religions are.

- I can go even further.

 . . . and to go a little further.  Chris Phoenix and many 'futurist' nanotechnologists/A.I.(anything futuristic tech) loved . . . for a time . . . to point out Murphy's law.  Murphy's law states that 'anything that can happen, will.'  But, as time has gone on, when rationalistic thinking on transhumanism, and scientific humanism evolved, for a time at the Extropy institute, people like Chris Phoenix and Ray Kurzweil and Eric Drexler and the whole gang, said, ope, let's 'compromise.' I guess something going wrong is o.k. for the human race now. Down went all the logic and observable facts that the human is defined and distinguished from other life by its reliance on science/technology; let's go medieval!  Murphy's law?  Never heard of it!

Compromise, to be more straightforward is another vagueness game used by someone who is scared of someone else.

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  1. Just like the use of the word philosophy has gone out with the growth of various sciences(astronomy for astrology/chemistry for alchemy, cosmology for the beginning of the universe) . . . basically, philosophy was a word for anything they didn't have a science for, people still use words like ethics, empathy now, for things they don't really understand.

    - Empathy and Disruptive are two of today's favorite catch-words. Like the use of cooperation above, when reason seems to not be something that can be established between two or more groups, people say, 'just have empathy.' This is almost like Nancy Reagan's "Just say no!", which was famous back in the 1980s. Empathy, like the word god, is used where one doesn't know anything; doesn't think that one can know anything, and where fear has been substituted for reason. And as the famous scence in "The Day the Earth Stood Still", which I can't seem to find on youtube anymore, "I have great concerns when fear is substituted for reason."

    Empathy says, oh, just have empathy for that guy who just bullied the kid who still has reason and curiosity.