Thursday, January 28, 2016

Astro video for the day - super hi-res video of the Earth

10199 Chariklo <-- wiki link. The recent Pluto excitement makes me think about what else can be just as exciting. There's some obvious Neptunion worlds like Sedna, and now quite probably some large rocky world even further out than Sedna - 5 Questions and Answers about the Proposed Ninth Planet . One world that is perhaps getting little attention now with Sedna and whatever they end up calling Planet9(I keep hoping this is the Nemesis world, but there's reason to think maybe not. Planet9 is in the Kuiper belt, and considerably smaller than what was proposed to disturb the Oort comet cloud comets much further out in the solar system) is Chariklo.  As the wiki explains, this is the largest of the Centaurs(asteroids and comets that have accumulated in a stable lagrangian point out between Saturn and Uranus).  And, it turns out to have a system of rings around it! As asteroid/comet with rings!

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