Monday, February 8, 2016

Astro picture for the day/ LIGO will announce the first dectection of gravitational waves

NASA/CXC/Univ of Hertfordshire/M.Hardcastle et al., Radio: CSIRO/ATNF/ATCA

‘Woohoo!’ email stokes rumor that gravitational waves have been spotted

I posted some about the recent rumor that LIGO has in fact detected gravitational waves(two black holes spirally into each other in fact), a few posts down.  I point out some of the remarkable technology of it.  Before I found the above Science magazine announcement, I had seen tweets(yea, that era is when I wrote this!) from LIGO that they've upgraded to this Advanced LIGO.  So, expect a revolution in astronomy . . . now!


  1. first paper of the first detection of gravitational waves,

  2. another good article from physicsworld,

    this article shows the expansion of gravitational waves capability of AdvancedLIGO over the previous LIGO. It also has an audio of the signal.

    1. One big theoretical development out of this was that gravitons don't have mass, which disproves one possibility for what dark energy is!

  3. Here's a pretty good article summarizing the possible future of gravitational wave astronomy - Scientific American, By Lee Billings on February 12, 2016 , The Future of Gravitational Wave Astronomy