Monday, January 4, 2016

astro picture for the day / Galileo quote for the day

ESA/Hubble & NASA and S. Smartt (Queen's University Belfast)

Quote for the day

"Philosophy itself cannot but benefit from our disputes, for if our conceptions prove true, new achievements  will be made; if false, their rebuttal  will further confirm the original doctrine." - Galileo Galilei

Here's some fun mathematics

Boy's surface maps a projective surface into three dimensional space. A boys' surface uses three Mobius strips as well. If you don't believe in higher(and lower!) dimensions, you haven't studies topology(or even Mobius strips) enough! 

William Boy's surface was found after David Hilbert suggested to him to find a that immersing a projective surface into three dimensions was not possible!

Boy's surface is a stepping stone to turning the sphere inside out as well.

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  1. An interesting science article one might not normally stumble across,

    Dwarf galaxies turn out to have more dark matter than large galaxies.

    Dwarf galaxies also turn out to be the oldest galaxies; or at least, galaxies that haven't been turned over by new processes(kind of like the surfaces of the Moon, or Mercury are 'older' than the Earth's, which is constantly turned over by geologic processes).