Thursday, July 31, 2014

astro picture for the day / quote for the day

Credit: University of Kent

Quote for the day,

"There is no god like the throat: it takes sacrifices daily." ~Nigerian Proverb

The Pluto mission will indeed be exciting; but, even before New Horizons spacecraft gets to Pluto, the Dawn spacecraft, having already revealed the Vesta asteroid as wonderous, will have explored Ceres and will be exploring Ceres.  Ceres is the biggest asteroid of the asteroid belt in between Jupiter and Mars.  Vesta is the second largest.  And, this October, a comet will streak right past Mars!  This next year is exciting indeed! 

The LHC collider will also be up and running again at higher energies to search of dark matter and hidden dimensions.

- Messenger spacecraft flyover Mercury

- Science/Technology extra,

A working space drive? Space exploration enthusiasts have longed for a space drive for a long time. This one has people excited; it's passed a third party test. What it is microwaves generated from the solar sails; the microwaves are put in a cavity where they interact with the vacuum energy.  Vacuum energy is probably the greatest finding of quantum physics.  It's a Paul Dirac generalization of Heisenberg's uncertainty relations.  Getting to the point, with little explanation of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, if particles disappear within the limits of the uncertainty principle, then particles can pop into existence out of nowhere.

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