Monday, July 21, 2014

astro picture for the day

ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope image

Mathematics is not a book confined within a cover and bound between brazen clasps, whose contents it needs only patients to ransack; it is not a mine, whose treasures may take long to reduce into possession, but which fill on a limited number of reeins(not to sure about this word in my quote) and lodes; it is not a soil, whose fertility can be exhausted by the yield of successive harvests; it is not a continent or an ocean, whose area can be mapped out and its contour defined; it is as limitless as that space which it finds too narrow for its aspirations; its possibilities are as infinit as the worlds which are forever crowding in and multiplying upon the astronomical gaze; it is as incapable of being restricted within assigned boundaries or being reduced to definitions of permanent validity, as the consciousness of life," - James Sylvester

I like this one when you size it up; you can see lots of galaxies, even galactic clusters in the background.  It's too bad the galaxy on the far left side is halved!

- I wasn't able to size it up enough just by clicking on the image provided here on this blog; but, by making it your desktop image, the image is the right size!

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