Thursday, November 7, 2013

funny post for the day/ Alien intelligences? Look no further . . . !

Everyone is always looking for Extraterrestrial Intelligences, E.T.'s for short.  They like to note that maybe intelligences are right under our noses; maybe flames, maybe the stars are gods, maybe various beasts are intelligences.  But, maybe E.T's are right under our noses!

It's been scientifically proven that Women's brains are different from male brains,

So, therefore, Women are E.T.'s, or at least alternative intelligences. What intelligent species do with their intelligence has always been a bit of a question mark; so, this video shouldn't be too surprising.
- While we're having fun with a semi-serious thought(extraterrestrial intelligences right under your nose), here's another thought about women and males.
The girls in the video are not really that hot. It's like they've been told their hot, so they go ahead and believe it. Meanwhile, they're not that hot.
Shouldn't all girls be one hundred percent hot?  If even 99% of the females of a species was not that hot, wouldn't that suggest at least the absence of a male god? But, the truth is, 1% of the women as far as I can tell are really hot.  Amazingling, 99% of the human species does not see this logic.  Then again, 99% of the species doesn't seem to hit on the observation/insight that the human species is the science and technologically dependent species. Hmm . . .
It's also a little worth noting that really hot men and women generally don't get into science much less mathematics. Apparently, this is an alien thought.


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