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thought for the day/ Secrets of the Stone Ages youtube

Secrets Of The Stone Age - The Wisdom Of The Stones

Someone uploaded this again.  I've wanted to link to this in some way for this blog for a long time.  Every time I comment about how the difference between the Egyptian architecture/technology and the Maltese is mathematics, the uploaders would take it down!  As you can see, when you see the great work of the Malta people, just because they didn't build based on mathematical knowledge, doesn't mean they didn't do something great.  But, the Egyptians accomplishments are still even greater, and the difference is the mathematics that allowed them to build it.

This video was made before the recent discoveries of great culture, including geometic designs on rocks in South Africa almost a hundred thousand years ago.  I agree with Richard Rudgley that people were influenced by previous people, and if they didn't have those influences, they wouldn't have built what they did.  I at one time hoped that numbers could some how be shown to evolve from the analogy/mythology of previous peoples.  But, I've never seen anyone do it.  The gulf between mythology and mathematics is a clean break.  There's still the analogous property of analogy between mathematics and mythology, but mathematics, or numbers and geometry can never evolve from mythology.  Well, I just thought about how language and mythology could mix.  Mathematics finds underlying structural relations. Language is structural.  Maybe some mixing of language skills and mythology exercise of analogy could have led to some kind of mathematics.  But, those connections are still hard to trace. I'd like to note one recent exciting piece of archaeology of primitive mathematics.

The Nebra Sky disk!  Yes, I have this picture starting out my "Gospel of Truth" There I trace the mythological connections.  But, it has mathematical connections.

The two strips seem to measure the angle of the seasons.  They don't measure with numbers(and this was around 1500 in Europe), but the act of measuring could have led to numbers for other cultures that would have looked at things and done something different with this act of measuring.  Point is mathematics was something different for whomever made this sky disk. Maybe the Malta people built their temples with this kind of mathematics(as likewise the Stonehenge builders also built it with this kind of numberless mathematics; this geometic measurement mathematics and not quite hitting on numbers).

But, the numbers could be abstracted, Jacob Bronowski "inferred units" like(as described in his "Origins of Knowledge and Imagination" and the third post of my blog here) from the geometry.  If fact, the Nebra Sky disk is kind of proof that this was one pathway that numbers were indeed abstracted.  Although, how the cave painters hit on numbers might have been abstracted more by astronomical observation; but, this is still abstracting from some other medium.

This first part of "The Secrets of the Stone Age", also gets into Ötzi, whom recently, genetics has shown has contemporary descendents.

Richard Rudgley says the Malta ruins are the oldest ruins known.  Maybe, and that's a maybe even when he made the video, he was right at the time, but today, we know of Göbekli Tepe, and just a few days ago,

Judean Shephelah, at Eshtaol, Israel, found a 8,000 year old ruins with a temple.  This would be before canaanites probably. Not that it matters.  Point is the Biblical theology/archaeology of the universe being created six thousand years ago by taking dates of thousand year old people all the way back according to biblical chronologies must be made up.  As the archaeology world awakens to this, the judeo-Christian mythology is disproved forever.

- on another note, someone else was trying to put up the mechanical universe videos on youtube; I was hoping to see him finish uploading, and then I could switch out the blank youtubes of the mechanical universe I currently have up(because the mechanical universe uploaded before was taken down . . . again); but, yet again, the uploader was forced to take them down again . . . sorry!

- 29Nov2013 Nanotech news extra,

Details seem to me kept to a minimum, but Synthetic kinesin analogues: A transition metal complex that can walk.  Some quotes,

"Molecular robots and machines could be around the corner." "The METALWALKER concept, leading to successful demonstration of an artificial molecular motor, opens the door to development of novel systems to control tasks with molecular-level motion and molecular mechanical machines. Applications include nanorobots and nanodevices for medical applications."

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