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youtube for the day/ William Shatner narrated summary of the scientific view of the universe

I've shown there's differences between some of the connections found by James Burke in his 'Connections video series/book.  I've found that some of the connections seem remarkably analogous to some of Jacob Bronowski's ideas in his "Origins of Knowledge and Imagination."  His other connections seem more loose, but I've found some examples recently; for instance how the Earth environment movement was inspired by the 1960s programs(both USSR and USA).  Another such indirect connection would be the internet companies and space expansion.

Where the worlds governments couldn't seem to have the scientific vision to make space colonization happen, it appears lots of private space companies are going to make a space faring lifeform happen.  These private space companies appear to have gotten their funding from being successful internet companies.  SpaceX and BlueOrigins are two.  There's others.

Here's a pretty good article abotu Blue Origin's effort to make space happen .

Another connection/influence for space travel that seems to be heating up is the asteroid threat. Here's an article about the Russians effort to find and deflect somehow asteroids .  Russia for some reason keeps getting pelted by asteroids. Honestly, others have experienced asteroid midair explostions.  Most of them happen in remote places. I forget whether it was South Americans or Africa, but some place like that had a particular vivid video and photos of an asteroid dust stream and midair explosion.

- As is becoming to common on my blog, there's nanotech news to report. I should note in connection with one of the major founders of nanomanufacturing, Eric Drexler.  Eric seems to be the inventor of the Solar Sail concept which has been advancing.  The Solar Sail concept alone can be used to deflect over time, asteroids.  He did a certain amount of space colony work, but then hit on making things atom by atom like the way life does. As Eric Drexler soon realized, nanomanufacturing can bring much of the benefits of space colonization(free energy from solar cells out in space; out in space, they can be much more efficient, and the sun generally can be made to never set) can be made by nanomanufacturing.  If only one could build it.  So far, it has been 'unobtainium.' Further, nanomanufacturing can make space access almost too cheap to meter.  Space rockets built by nanomanufacturing would make the Saturn V look like some old Victorian era bicycle. Getting onto even more nanotech news.

In a similar James Burkian indirect connections, researchers doing nanotech in the medical field have found some ways of making dna-self assemblies more robust - to make nano scale molecular parts.  They've also made dna-self assembly even more reliable(I've reported that researchers had made dna-much faster, more reliable just a year ago; so, this is just furthering that). As usual, the interaction of these advances with all previous advances alone should be exciting.

DNA ‘cages’ may aid drug delivery , and Intercalators as Molecular Chaperones in DNA Self-Assembly

- There's been some recent reports of the American semi-conductor company that seeks to mass produce the Canadian D-Wave quantum computers.  They've said the manufacturing process has turned out to be better than expected!

-28Oct2013 edit,

William Shatner is most famous for being Captain James 'T' Kirk in a Sci-Fi t.v. series Star Trek.  The 'T' in James T Kirk is Tiberius. William Shatner is of Jewish descent, and he has this Star Trek Captain Kirk character with a Roman emperor title in it.  Why?  I don't know, but I recall a Star Trek: the Original Series episode of Roman times.  In it, there's characters, German barbarians who convert to a peaceful religion; they mention things about the 'sun' of god with references to the sun.  Does William Shatner notice or know about sungods  and Jesus Christ?  Not to mention things like Flavius Josephus and his possible role in christian origins.

It's pretty hard to e-mail the guy or contact him in any kind of way . . .

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