Thursday, June 14, 2012

youtube/Mathematical Mystery Tour

I just found this; so, I'll reserve comment for now!  So far, it's the best mathematics video I've seen since "Not Knot"!

-------------------------------------------------Jun15, 2012 edit---------------------------------------------------

This video concentrates on the story of mathematics from the logic viewpoint - Greek deductive reasoning to Frege, Bertrand Russel and then Godel.  This is by no means everything that can be said about deductive logic; the video doesn't even mention George Boole.  Still, they point out some other mathematics other than just deductive logic; for the most part, it presents as much of the story of mathematics in one hour from the progress of deductive logic viewpoint.  Not a bad choice; and, the video is better than most I've seen.

A major point I'd point out that mathematicians for one don't like to point out is that the nature and origin of mathematics is not a settled issue; this is part of what I've made this blog for.  It proves Jacob Bronowski's viewpoint from a James Burkian concrete example.

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