Friday, June 1, 2012

thought for the day/ faster dna-nanomanufacturing

A few years ago, Paul Rothemund slashed the time for new self-assembled nanostructures by dna-nanotech from years(Ned Seemans; dna nanotech founder) to weeks; now, we've got it down from weeks to hours. This new single-strand dna-nanotech affect on all previous dna-nanotech should prove interesting in itself.

For me, lets use these dna-nanotech to self-organize piezo-electric graphene into nano-stms; then, make chipboards of these piezo-graphene nano-stms, and that's pretty good; such a chipboard of nano-stm's would essentially define Feynman/Drexlerian nanomanufacturing.  Better nano-manufacturing systems than that could be built(almost certainly would be built).

Still, if you had the nano-manufacturing chipboards as I'm describing them, one could really get the nano-era going as envisioned by Eric Drexler in his "Engines of Creation."  I would think we could do this in three months time at least.

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