Wednesday, June 20, 2012

quote for the day

"I have created a monument more lasting than bronze

and loftier than the royal structure of the pyramids,

that which neither devouring rain, nor the unrestrained North Wind

may be able to destroy nor the immeasurable

succession of years and the flight of time.

I shall not wholly die and a greater part of me

will evade Libitina [Goddess of Death];"

Horace Ode 3, xxx

The translations of this are often varied; and, Horace is probably not thinking of mathematics when he composed this.  I'll just say that when a piece of mathematics is correctly proved by deductive logic, it works every time; it doesn't degrade by the second law of thermodynamcis  or quantum jitters.

Whether the mathematics is applicable or not may not matter so much in the nano-future. Let me just say that as Alvin Toffler says in his Powershift, information is often a substitute for matter; the more knowledge often makes things ever more efficient.   The more mathematics, the more ways to code things up and substitute knowledge for matter. Mathematics no matter how deep will inevitably find applications.

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