Friday, April 27, 2012

thought for the day/buddhas and Easter Island statues

What do all those Buddhas and all those faces on Easter Island have in common?  Blank stares at wisdom and the heavens.  There is no other thought coming other than "this is as far as we go as far as thought and mathematics goes!"  Well, I'm sure they didn't think it out quite like that.  I mean there's denotation and then connotative definitions; one is "point to" definitions(denotation), and the other is at least some kind of language description of the structure and behavior of a thing(connotation).  The commonality above between the two cultures is that of denotative.

I would further argue that after they get bored with this stage of human development, they start coming up with ethics and spirituality of it all - religion.  Then, when somebody does do science and mathematics, the religious reaction is one of hate and fear; people have their social power because of the religion; engrained institutions that get their sex, money, and social power because of it.  Untill a dark ages comes to free peoples minds(because the old science is lost and forgotten), people's minds are not free to think factually and logically.   The god concept is further generalised to the heavens(from all the mountains, waters, animals and other such gods) and then to infinity, then higher dimensions; anywhere but somewhere that science can touch it.  Finally, the god concept is made unknowable by various vague statements.  This is ultimately what the god concept is; a vague statement that can prove everything without explaining anything; so, no matter what happens, they can just say, "well, god works in mysterious ways."

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