Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wernher von Braun: Rocket Man for War and Peace

Werner Von Braun was inspired to a scientific technological adventure into space from Herman Oberth(not from nazies as many would like to imagine).  It should futher be said that Goddard over in the United States couldn't get the American leadership to understand the significance of what he was doing; his research went to Herman Oberth and Werner Von Braun for pennies!  Because humanity in general is not about scientific adventure, Werner Von Braun had to get money to pursue his hobby from the military(the German military was just that when Werner Von braun signed on with them; only when the Nazy party took over was the military turned into the nazy military; in fact, Werner Von Braun never wore a Nazy uniform till like 1939, and full six years, till Hitler started taking an interest in what Werner Von braun was doing; before then, Hitler didn't think much of what Werner Von Braun was doing).

I've read a book about Peenemunde; the author mentions that General Dornburger was Werner Von Braun's buffer between Wnerner Von Braun's space dreams community of engineers and Hitler and the Nazies.

When the war went bad for Hitler's nazy germany, Werner Von Braun chose america - not the Soviets. When he came to american, he ended up making miiltary rockets again - not space rockets; not till the Soviets launched Sputnik did the american leadership see Werner Von Braun's vision - at least a little bit.

Today, there's still movements to try to cast Werner Von Braun as a manager of Hitler; as if he had time to go around and perform political rally parties for Hitler; no, he spent all his time in Peenemunde balancing his research to make space travel possible and the fact that he had to make a military weapon to hold up his end of the bargain.  People try to say that he launched those missles at England; no he didn't; he just built the V-2 rocket; the Nazies chose the destination.

It's amazing how one can point all this out, and people just keep on going.  It's just like the ufo crowd, those who deny the moon landings, and those who believe in god, jesus christ and so on and so forth.  People dont' wake up till war; usually, change only comes after those old stuckup people eliminate themsevles.  I believe space expansion is the only peacefull way with dealing with irrationalists; or, it's the most peacefull way.  One must find the unified syntheses that is true of all knowledge, and just leave those who want to play all kinds of political games.


Mathematical creativity is often combining algebra and geometry and filling in the conceptual vacuums that result; for instance, fractions when making the number line.  Poetry is about analogy as well; but, as I've tried to argue before, mathematics is constructive analogy.  A given mathematical concept is a structural relation - kind of like a sentence. A sentence has a verb and nouns that make sense with that verb.  In mathematics, things are analogous when two different structures share say a noun element in common or maybe a verb relation in common.  In poetry, you don't have these precise structural matching up.  It's about vagueness manipulation.  This is fine on a poetry level; but, when it gets to mythology and religion; well, see my blog!

I bring up the differences between poetry and mathematics analogy again here because some things match; it's right to make a constructive analogy say the number sequence and a geometric line; but, when you combine things that don't belong - like science, mathematics and vague philosophy, religion such as the nazies did and most states from times gone by; you get Werner Von Braun; you get nazies, you get misunderstandings; you get social groups that only think what the social group they've been taken in thinks; you get the dark ages(christianity is actually combining platonic ideas; see jesus christ is the 'word' of god in the gospel of john with mythology and saying real greek knowledge is foolish(see 1corinthians1).  Really, check out my gospel of truth(first post of this blog).

Once again, I champion space expansion to overcome all these socially bound up irrationalists; i would also say that I've always wanted nanomanufacturing so that those who want to do science unhindered by irrationalists of the past can do so. They don't have to ask irrationalists for money to go to mars, build a particle accellerator, and so on and so forth.

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