Friday, April 13, 2012

more christianity is a sungod and roman fabrication youtubes

Romans 16:11 has Paul clearly stating that he's a Herodian.  What in the world is a Herodian being the main guy to go around spreading christianity around?  That's right; one ring to rule them all.  If you read Robert Eisenman, you'll see further that Paul was in competition a bit with James the Just and that Jesus Christ is just a sungod overwright for James the Just(who's James the Less in the Gospel of Mark).  One clearly sees after reading Robert Eisenman's works that there was no Jesus Christ; why?  Because even with all the correspondences between the dead sea scrolls, Josephus, and Pauline epistles, there is no Jesus Christ in the dead sea scrolls!  Paul, the Herodians, and the Romans were clearly trying to pascify the messianic jews(as was Josephus and many other diasporan jews who wanted to take part of the roman culture and saw that the Jewish messianism and intolerance of everyone elses religion, was what brought the wrath of the romans).

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