Sunday, August 21, 2011

astro picture for the day

NASA Hubble space telescope


I e-mailed the Hubble team this!

. . . with those new cloaking devices to blank out those secondary mirrors; i mean, with the ability to blank out the secondary mirror, all those spikes around the stars of astronomical images since Isaac Newton days would go away!
That doesn't sound like much; but, consider this; around every point of any astronomical image using a Newtonian reflector are these little spikes; most are much smaller than what you see around the stars; but, just imagine the images that we'd get if we could get rid of all those little spikes at every single point! At that point, the quality of the medium(the paper, or whatever the image is printed on) would become the major focus of making or even seeing great astronomical images(not to mention a given persons eyesight!). People would be saying "oh, well, that's not on good quality astronomical paper". Or, "oh, you need to get some eyesight upgrade to really see just how beautiful the picture is!" I mean kind of like the way people say you need to read Homer in Greek or the bible in Hebrew(and Aramaic . . . and Greek for the New Testament!).

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