Saturday, August 27, 2011

anti-mathematical quote for the day(not that I support it)

"What indeed has Athens to do with Jerusalem? - Tertullian(Carthage Christian chruch father of like 160 to 225 A.D.)

Carthage is also home to Sait Augustine like a hundred plus years later(350-430) who had a few slips of the tongue with regard to the true origin of Jesus Christ(a sungod; christianity is just astrotheology). On somewhat related note, Iraneous lived in France.  Seems interesting to me that so much of the church fathers(who almost certainly did a lot of the writings of the gospels and even Pauline epistles; we know a good amount of them were later forgeries) were in far away regions of the Roman empire!  I guess only away from critical eyes could they have forged the christ conspiracy.

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