Tuesday, April 26, 2011

youtube for the day/ nano-factory

This type of nanofactory won't be possible for at least a decade.  But, dna/rna/protein nanofactories are within five years now. Rna recently made some breakthroughs which will make soft-nanotechnology guys want to combine the two(dna and rna).  Rna can do actual chemistry; dna does mostly the self-organizing and scaffold functions.  Protein nanotechnology may have also made a breakthrough; recently, there was use of viruses(researchers know how to deal with them) to help accellerate directed artificial selection(as in natural selection) to help speed the design and construction of proteins.  This was farelly recent; give it a month and we'll see just how fast an impact this could have because the dna-nanotechnology is pretty well developed right now.  There's also been an interesting breakthrough about confining proteins to help them sustain their catalyst reactivity rate; dna-nanotech and that ability alone makes dna-nanofactory possible before 2011 is out in my opinion.

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