Saturday, March 4, 2017

fear/evasive language . . . Planet of the Apes

Astronomers have this volcano named specifically - Tvashtar Paterae. This video of an Io volcano was taken by the New Horizon's spacecraft.  The spacecraft that went on to image Pluto/Charon for the first time.

As with my "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" post, just below, see my Sophie and Silas post if you haven't seen it, or don't know what I'm talking about.

I'm amazed at seeing these great dramatizations of fear and irrationality from, probably non-mathematical scientists.  Maybe mathematical scientists don't have time to put these types of things together. People are generally too busy to stop and notice things.  It takes stopping to notice things.

I like to point out how a stream looks chaotic.  But, if you manage to pick a point upstream and follow it down about the same speed as the stream, suddenly a simple, stable pattern is revealed. It takes this type of stopping ones busy life to notice things, to do mathematics, and to notice these fear and evasive tactics. 

Anyway, let's do the Planet of the Apes movie highlights of fear/evasive language . . .

Here, Dr. Zaius, who's in charge of both the science and religion of the Planet of the Apes, comes in to see Taylor(the caged human who can talk). Dr. Zaius uses evasive denial language when he says "he has a talent for mimicry." Zira, the female Ape of behavioral science is stunned at the close-mindedness.  Dr. Zaius says "it's a question of survival."  Well, that's what's left out of this movie clip.

In the above outdoor cage scence. Taylor writes in the sand.  A Ape soldier says "I don't get it; what's Zira trying to prove?"  Dr. Zaius replies "that man can be domesticated" at which both laugh it off.  Dr. Zaius notices and then erases Taylor's writing in the sand.

- Some scenes not readily found on youtube right now . . .

Taylor is with Zira and her boyfriend/archaeologists Cornelius.  Taylor writes some letters(because he can't speak due to an injury); but, Cornelius is shaking his head in denial.  Zira is saying "don't you believe your own eyes?"

Taylor has a court hearing with Dr. Zaius and all his fellow believers.  Dr. Zaius tests Taylor by saying "what's the second article of the faith". I feel like I need to rewatch this part. Dr. Zaius is trying to disprove Taylor's story, and Dr. Zaius just thinks that if the ideas are not already expressed in the scripture, then don't listen to new ideas. - Cornelius starts reading Taylors letters, because the Court has already banned Taylor from doing any writing(which would prove his case).  They then stop Cornelius from finishing Taylors written testimony.

Taylor has a private talk with Dr. Zaius.  A highlight is Dr. Zaius says there's no conflict between science and faith - so long as the science is in support of the religion.

Here's the famous statue of liberty scence at the end of the Planet of the Apes movie. Dr. Zaius destroys the archaeology dig where Cornelius was digging to hide the evidence of a pre-Ape/Human world.  This is like Pres Trump today who want to shut up climate scientists, burn the books. If one tries to operate a piece of technology with illogical concepts, the machine doesn't work - in computer programming, this is called a bug. If one destroys rationality and science, then the science/technology world will fall apart.

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