Sunday, March 19, 2017

astro picture for the day/ Astronomy mysteries, Space Aliens, and Gods

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/John Landino

I've related the hypothesis about the U.F.O. craze that started up right around the time of the space age and gods before. My Thursday, March 3, 2016 blog post - astro picture for the day/ "In Search of . . ." as a window onto the mythmaking mind.  This desire to read into things "aliens/intelligence/gods" just keeps going(not that any of these people read that blog post).

This anthropocentric interpretation of anything weird in astronomical phenomenon goes back long before the two examples I'm about to show.  Back in the 1960s, Joselyn Bell and her colleages at first thought the impossibly regular energy bursts they were detecting with their new radio telescopes must be Aliens, sending out messages to us. They originally called these radio bursts - LGM's, little green men.  Here's Jocelyn's wiki - > Jocelyn Bell wiki . Scrolling down to "Academic Career", we see "In July 1967, she detected a bit of "scruff" on her chart-recorder papers that tracked across the sky with the stars.[19] She discovered that the signal was pulsing with great regularity, at a rate of about one pulse per second. Temporarily dubbed "Little Green Man 1" (LGM-1)"  What she had in fact discovered were Neutron Stars - the compact remnant of a supernova explosion.   These were theorized before, but the theory seemed crazy at the time.  But, this craving to be saved by some intelligence has continued.

Around 2015, some astronomers were disturbed enough by a certain stars sudden brightening and dimming to suggest that, KIC 8462852, a star about a thousand light years away, must be Extraterrestrial Intelligences building a Dyson sphere.  A Dyson sphere is a kind of inverted solar collector completely surrounding a star.  So, the collective energies of the star is collected for as long as the star lives.  The smaller the star, the longer it lasts.  If you have a comparatively smaller star than our sun, this technology can feed a culture for trillions of years.  If you tap the energies of say a neutron star, or even a black hole, one could go for even longer periods, but that's beside the point here.   Here's the wiki - > KIC 8462852

Tabby's star, above, didn't get any E.T.'s.  So, the search has continued. Now, it's great radio bursts from billions of light years away. These impossibly energetic bursts must be E.T.'s accelerating solar sails to near light speed!  If not that, they must be E.T's, billions of light years away, trying to make contact with . . . us! Here's the fast radio bursts wiki - > fast radio bursts wiki Quoting from it(scrolling down to "Origin Hypothesis"), "Some have speculated that these signals might be signs of extraterrestrial intelligence.["

While I'm at it, let's show some. I remember meeting some fellow Avionic Tech back in my navy days. Me and this guy actually went out some some American Civil war park in Tennessee.  Somewhere in there, he related something to me.  I mean I'm talking science, and his scientific excitement is . . . the face from Mars. Googling "face of Mars" didn't take me long to find this wiki -> Cydonia (region of Mars) . The first image is this famous "face of mars."

I'm willing to guess that I don't have to point out which mound on this Mars image is the face of mars.

Here's the recent imaging of this face of Mars,

The wiki link provided above even shows what E.T. dreamers hope is an Alien pyramid,

I can't even keep track of how many times  I've seen at Yahoo news, people viewing images from the Jet propulsion laboratory, have found some impossible space relic somewhere on the surface of Mars. There must be some shiny piece of an Alien spacecraft off in the distance. It just never ends.

Even some of the most rationalistic futurists, like Arthur C. Clarke was fond of reading into astronomical phenomenon, some intelligence.  I remember reading in some writing of his that one of the asteroid moons is hollow.  Ope!  says Arthur C. Clarke it must be some calling card from an ancient Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  There must be a library of knowledge in there that these E.T's must have left us to save us from ourselves.

I don't feel like rereading Isaac Asimov's "Extraterrestrial Civilizations", but as time goes on, the book takes center stage.  It was the original "Rare Earth Hypothesis."  And, it's a great rationalists book about Extraterrestrial Civilizations. It points out that the mythologizing of god(s) of ancient times is the same as the U.F.O. craze of today.


  1. I usually try to wait till I have something relevant for my blog before posting some latest science news; but, it's been so long since I've done so, that the amount of exciting new developments. I can't imagine anyone reading it, much less me posting it all!

    There is just so much crazy developments.

  2. I guess I'm finding the bottom of all this - here's a pretty good technical history of Symplectic geometry -

    - Here's a wild new astronomical detector - a metamaterial to detect gravitational waves in the Cosmic Background Radiation(you do know your big bang theory, right?) -

    - Neural networks makes for sharper astronomical imaging - Imagine applying this to the segmented mirros of the Keck telescopes!

    I remember reading about Geoffrey Chew's theories in "The Second Creation." Looks like this side is making a little bit of a comeback -

    - DNA nanocomputing may still have a future, even in an era of quantum computing(coming faster than you think) -

    - Muon catalyzed fusion! -

    - RNA world hypothesis has been disproven - more proof of Stuart Kauffman's autocatalytic chemistry -

    - great technical intro to some advanced number theory -

    - I've always thought the quantum property of spin suggests topological nature of quantum particle -

    - Magnetic Resonance Imaging goes to the nano scale,

    - ultra fast imaging of electrons in orbit around atoms -

    - Dark matter was less plentiful in the early universe; my conclusion, dark matter comes from Black holes munching normal matter -

    - The debate of whether an asteroid impact wiped out the American Indian Clovis people appears settled -

    - new discovery changing our understanding of how our Earth's core generates it's magnetic field could solve why Venus went into a runaway greenhouse affect. Venus's core ran out of crystals -

  3. Even more showing that Stuart Kauffman's "autocatalytic chemistry" is probably the right theory of the origin of life(and the end of the RNA world hypothesis) -

    Even the smallest protein requires a whole 'complex' of chemistry to keep it "alive."

    Stuart Kauffman's theory in review . . . since the last time I talked about it is buried way down in this blog . . . basically, if you get a diverse enough set of chemical molecules, that make each other, they spontaeneously self assemble into a complex whole. Life doesn't start from simple to complex. It starts out as a complex.

  4. Here's an interesting article showing that we can tell if a star belongs to a certain star cluster born from the same gas cloud - they all have the same axis and spin speeds -