Saturday, September 6, 2014

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- Nanotechnology extra,

PaperClip: rapid multi-part DNA assembly from existing libraries

DNA-nanotech was a hoped for enabling technology for nano-manufacturing; it's either been too soft(overcome in many ways), or too slow(progress has gone from years/months to weeks, then days, and now hours and minutes as of last year), or too expensive to make the dna itself.  There's been advances in reducing the cost of dna supplies; but, obviously not enough.  Even Paul Rothemund who invented dna-origami has recently turned to rna-origami.  I reported this not to long ago here on this blog. Well, now they've finally reduced the cost and awkwardness of dna supplies.

Although the article says dna manufacture is easy, it still takes someone with the knowledge to handle proteins and so on; but, it's comparatively easy and less expensive to use dna now.  So, all the great developments over the last decade should be more readily available.

What could possibly hold dna-nanotechnology back now! lol!

- 11Sep2014 update,

Within a week or two since the announcement of a soft-biotech nano-assembly line, another group has announced a nano-assembly line,

Chemists create 'assembly-line' for organic molecules

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