Tuesday, September 16, 2014

astro picture for the day/ John Romer's 'Testament' is currently up on youtube!

Image credit: IPHAS, Royal Astronomical Society

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Physicists design zero-friction quantum engine

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John Romer's 'Testament' is currently up on youtube!

You should be able to find the rest . . .

I don't think there's much more to say about John Romer's 'Testament' than I've said about religion/mythology throughout this blog. I can't help noting that John starts the video series in a cemetery.  You would never start a mathematics or physics documentary in a cemetery!  Only in a religion documentary would that make sense at all!

Well, John Romer mixes religious apologetics and scientific archaeology of the bible in a rather eclectic way. Like how the god concept is a vague concept that can sweep away all problems/questions without actually explaining anything(god did it; and if its a bad thing, they say 'god works in mysterious ways'), and Paul's apologetics of "i'll be whatever I need to be, whether jew, heathen, to convert everybody to his religion", John Romer mixes these excuses for everything with scientific archaeology.  It's almost as if he wants to slip in the archaeological revelations without people knowing.

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Carl Sagan Cosmos

Somebody has found a way to getting Carl Sagan's Cosmos up on the web again; so, I link to episode one just above.

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