Wednesday, January 15, 2014

youtube for the day/ Flatland the movie!

I didn't think I'd ever see this again. This is just a funny video from one of many teams that compete with one another in the early days of dna-nanotech.

This post was originaly just a great funny video from a dna-nanotech team I like.  I decided to make this post kind of an all around science/tech videos, with maybe Flatland being the main attraction.

Flatland is one book I haven't quite gotten around to reading.  I'm hearing this animation video does make a few changes here and there; but, overall, this is a pretty good video of higher and lower dimensions started by Edwin Abbott Abbott.  Ope, just googled, and found there's another Flatland movie out.  Well, this is the one on youtube.

Couple of things I thought that could make for interesting generalisations beyond Flatland as presented here is color mapping and Euclid's proof of the Pythagorean theorem.  This flatland movie has a conflict between those irregulars that choose to be colorful, and the regulars triangles, squares, circles and lines(which are generally females).  Color mapping could have proven useful.  And Euclid's proof of Pythagorean theorem leads to ways of decomposing triangles into squares, or rectangles.  David Hilbert's "Foundation of Geometry" gets into this decomposing a lot more.

One thing I noticed in this movie is how triangles and squares were talking to each other asymmetrically. The mouth of the square would be at the bottom where it's generally suppose to be while the triangles mouth is up top.  They could have shown how going through the third dimension, either the square or the triangle could be flipped over so they can talk to each other straight and not upside down to one another, but they don't seem to be cognizant of this.

The movie gets into class warfare and rascisms. In terms of scientific humanism, there's idealization and generalization.  In mathematics, concepts are fine tuned so that they are not over/under generalized.  Idealisations are made to make sense, or logical.   Idealisations that don't make sense are disproved.  Rascisms are idealisations that don't make sense - like color dictates a person's reasoning ability.  Of course, this flatland movie doesn't suggest this type of philosophy.

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