Wednesday, January 29, 2014

astro picture for the day

Image Credit & Copyright: Fabian Neyer

- youtube extra, DreamChaser spaceplane,

SpaceX has been ahead and should remain there for awhile, but there's others with great innovations to make space happen.  Blue Origins I find kind of similar to SpaceX.  DreamChaser has a novel technology here that can work with SpaceX actually.  There's others with great engine innovations; I forget who, buy they've found that piston pumped rocket engines instead of turbo can make for greater reliability and cost reductions.  Now, if SpaceX and these others could get that technology.  And, there's other even more radical technologies; a kind of scramjet/rocket engine hybrid using superconducting is being innovated in England; but, they're at least a decade away.  Well, enjoy the DreamChaser video!

- Science/Tech extra,

nanotechnologists have used nanotubes to make a nanocomputer smaller than a single biological cell.

nanotube computer self assembled from the bottom up .  What's interesting about this is they can design any number of different computers with this technology; and they chose to design their first nanocomputer to be able to control actuators and sensors.  What actuators?  Some kind of nano-actuators to manipulate and position individual atoms?  So far, the major science/technology blogs I know of have chosen not to mention or comment about this; sorry to sound conspiracy like, but 'do they want to keep this quiet for some reason?'

The New Horizons spacecraft to Pluto(and hopefully Sedna) group has made this cute video,

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