Sunday, July 28, 2013

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Image Credit: Subaru Telescope (NAOJ) & DSS;
Assembly and Processing: Robert Gendler

"If the past is the roadmap to the future, then the yet unwritten acts promise forays, by intrepid mathematicians of today and tomorrow, into new worlds presently populated with seemingly unattainable mathematical truths." - Ken Ono

- Dna-nanomanufacturing news,

Four stranded dna compined with two stranded dna Dna was discovered to be two stranded.  There's been alternative artificial dna made before using different amino acids.  Now, we've got four stranded dna! In fact, in an article I did not keep track of, four stranded dna has been found naturaly I think in human cells much less other lifeform's cells. So, this is pretty big science news and nanomanufacturing news. Dna-nanotech news-wise, this combining of four stranded with two stranded dna allows for stiffer stronger dna-nanomanufacturing.  It can of course combine with the more flexible dna-nanotechnologies already developed.  I'd say this is significant for dna-nanomanufacturing's ability to do usefull work and bootstrap to an even more robust nanomanufacturing base.

It's almost been a year since a great group of dna-nanomanufacturing developments allowed for faster creation of arbitrary dna-nanostructures, then bringing down the cost numerous times. I've seen plenty of indications that researchers are just too busy experimenting to write up a scientific paper per dna-nanostructure. Quiet before the storm is the modo here!

- There's other exciting scientific news. Inflationary generalization of the Big Bang theory has been confirmed again. It was confirmed in the late 1980s with the Cobe satellite.  The recent Wmap has made things interesting, showing a north and south pole to our cosmos.  But, that type of stuff can only make theories previously proven correct even more interesting(like the way Newton's theory was generalized by Einstein's theories of Relativity). The article explaining more confirmation for Inflationary theory . Another article related to neutrinos . And related to Neutrinoes, is the CERN/Lhc people who discovered the some Higgs particles think they've finally found some hints of dark matter, hints of supersymmetric particles found in LHC data. I doubt I've given every exciting new particle physics/cosmololgy news!

- A.I. news has also been pretty exciting.  Previously, I had found(not sure if I posted about this) European researchers trying to make A.I. happen by means of memristers. This appears to be a different group. Chips that mimic the brain .

 - I've seen some stuff about gigantic virus's that could put the Biology theories on their heads.  This is pretty exciting from that standpoint in my opinion. Giant virus's make the line between life and non-life even more fuzzy?

- Space exploration should be getting exciting.  SpaceX is about to start making space happen; a launch per month by next year!


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