Wednesday, June 19, 2013

thought for the day/Elon Musk is today's Werner Von Braun!

So, everybody doesn't want to be a Werner Von Braun, and they don't want to acknowledge facts. So, Werner Von Braun was a rocket enthusiasts who ended up working for the military which then went bad on him(the German military was the German military before the Nazi's took over; then, they took over . . . Werner Von Braun also did not wear a Nazi uniform till six years after in 1939 . . . I hope I've made the facts suggestively clear enough for the unbiased mind to see that Werner was just interested in furthering his rocketry research).  So, if you don't want your society to go bad on you, then you should criticize your society, not what's right and wrong, and fight against wrong. 

So, o.k. lets fight against irrationalist, messianic/end of the world, "we are the chosen ones(god giving the covenant to whomever believes in him . . . inevitably this is someone, some human being telling you what they think this god's covenant is and who this god is) religion. 

I've written a "Gospel of Truth" which is the first post of this blog.  I've shown it to active comparative mythologists(the only people with a critical view of religion); and, they don't say anything; so, I'll call it very good.

---------------------------------------------crazy science/technology for the day,

There's of course been some pretty good nanotech lately,

Here's dna-nanotechnology making artificial photsynthesis possible

colloidal chemistry meets nano polymers to make arbitrary nanostructures , I'd like to show some colloidal chemistry that James Burke shows in his Connections, episode 10,

It's around 7:30 minutes.  I've seen some colloidal chemistry advances before, but the above is pretty exciting.  The advance practically meets all the definitions for nanomanufacturing.

Here's a pretty exciting general science article,

Oldest primate fossil found in China , When Anthropologists tried to find evidence for the evolution of mankind, they went from Africa to Asia and Indonesia right above Australia.  They eventually found Homo Erectus in China, but they found Human evolution goes furthest in Africa.  Recently, because of Ardi, they've come to realize that the line from Homo Sapiens to primates doesn't go through apes or anything else.  Ardi is a radically alien primate.  They've really had to push much further back to find when our line splits from the other primates of today.   They've found it goes back seven million years and in current China!

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