Sunday, April 14, 2013

youtube for the day/ more Jesus Christ is a Sungod youtubes/ extra note: I've finally go myself to edit and polish my "Gospel of Truth" post; first post of the blog!

and part 2,

This Jesus Christ youtube shows some more details I havn't heard about - such as Herodotus substituting the myths of Dionysius for Osirus and not worrying about the fact that these are two analogous sungods.  Then, the author of this youtube shows some ruins showing connections between Osirus and Mithrus.  It's kind of hard to believe I hadn't checked this youtube out before; but o.k!
Quote for the day--------------------------------------------------------------
It is worth noting that a a dissatisfaction with established theory often begins with those studying the theory in their mature years. - Anatoly Vershik
crazy science/technology for the day ------------------------------------------------------------
There's been more improvements to make dna-nanomanufacturing viable.
Dna Laser printing , this dna laser printing is another pathway towards making the dna strands to start with, and make them less expensivelly; bringing the costs of dna-nanomanufacturing overall down even more. There was a report of someone who had worked to bring down the costs of dna-nanomanufacturing down different from this just a few months ago. I'm pretty sure I pointed it out previously on this blog.  I havn't seen this report anywhere where I usually find my science/technology news; this just comes to show how much science/technology is happening today.  There's things like this that falls through the cracks!
astro picture extra!

ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope image

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  1. I finally got up to editing and polishing my "Gospel of Truth"; first post of this blog!