Tuesday, April 2, 2013

astro picture for the day/ from the enlightenment to the French Romance era

Image Credit: European Space Agency, Planck Collaboration

The above is the latest cosmic background radiation image.  The first image of the cbr was by Cobe back in the late 1980s.  It confirmed the inflationary generalisation of the big bang theory.  Wmap improved Cobe's and hinted at an asymmetry to the universe.  This Planck satellite has confirmed that the universe has a north/south pole thermodynamically. 

Quote for the day

"A different view indeed offers beauty." - Nisal Kevin Kotinkaduwa

Thought for the day,

I had made a sny remark about how whenever somebody does good(at least from certain perspectives), someone else always tries to go the other direction(to gain power).  I had further remarked that christianity was created to go in an anti-rationalist direction.  I gave proofs of this in terms of Tertullian, Clement of Alexandria and others which shows they were trying to make a philosophy different than the Platonic and hence this would be anti-mathematical.  Soon enough, the Christians murdered Hypatia and tried to bury mathematics by burning down the library of Alexandria.  The dark ages followed.  Anyways, I've found another remarkable going away from rationality after a period of enlightenment.

I've made a bit about how the French have had most consistent best intellectual tradition since the Renaissance.  One could go much further back to after the translations of Arab texts in Arab spain of 1000 A.d.  These texts turned out to be Arab translations of Greek mathematical works.  Anyways, I don't know if the Romantic era after the Enlightnement era in France has to do with people trying to gain power; all I know is that it was a backlash from rationism.  One thing is clear though, there's a constant back and forth throughout human history.  I would quickly argue that one of the major problems that the I'll go ahead and call them irrationalists are taking advantage of is ignorance.  They've constantly saying, oh, science has never solved 'all' our problems - hail God(according to tastes of those trying to make everybody believe in this god to solve 'all' problems that 'science' and mathematics clearly did not do)!

------------------------------------there's some more great crazy science/technology to report of course!

more Dna-nanotechnology will be able to bootstrap itself to a more robust nanomanufacturing ability!

Actually, there's other equally exciting dna-nanomanufacturing news; but, I'll keep it to myself in case I come up with some new 'thought for the day"!

------------------------------------note for the day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 blog post has been extensively updated.  I'll admit that it is still inadequate(partly due to not being able to put mathematical figures on a blog).  But, I hope that I excite people for mathematics!

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