Monday, February 18, 2013

astro picture for the day

ESA/NASA Hubble space telescope image

A weird possible consequence of the Feynman/Drexlerian nanotech era. 

In the nanotech era, pretty much everyone will be free to run around and do everything they want.  For me, my first thought would be to visit the Egyptian Pyramids and other Egyptian sights. But a thought occured to me a few months ago.  If you have seven billion people running around and going out doing everything they want; then, the waiting line to visit just about anything(Venice, the great wall of China and so on and so forth) will be very long indeed! 

Maybe everyone will just stay in one place and make their own temple!

-----------------------------------about that nanotechnology

The Foresight Institute now holds "Foresight Conferences" every year; it used to be every other year.  One main nanotechnology developer, Zyvex, has generaly given their updates news at these Foresight Conferences.  But, this year, Zyvex and the Foresight Institute has decided to go quiet - to not say their major discoveries in public for a science organisation can only mean something farely big.  Apparently, the buzz from the Foresight Conference(2013) is that they all feel nanotechnology has gone past an "inflection point".   I'm going to have to say that I'll go ahead and not say what I think they've got or where they're at in the development of Feynman/Drexlerian nanotechnology.  I personaly consider that word phrase 'inflection point' as interesting.

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