Wednesday, May 2, 2012

youtube for the day 1.2!)/ John Romer's findings on the Pyramids

I once again don't recall if I posted these youtubes of John Romer's ideas of how the Pyramids were built.  The more I watch it, the more I like it; these are also some of the best youtubes of the Pyramids I've found.

I think I've posted this for another reason.  Number one, the video series, secrets of the stone age, was taken down again(so that link on my blog doesn't work again!).  Number two, i've posted recently some stuff about Neolithis builders up in Northern europe. Comments I had made on the youtube downloads of "Secrets of the Stone Age" were that of 'what seems to differentiate the ruins of the Maltese, the Stonehenge builders, and so on and the Pyramid builders shortly later, was the mathematical forms of the Pyramids, and their mathematical precise alignments(I would argue the Pyramids are patterned on Orions belt as well).

The next mathematical significant civilization(a culture that you can see the affects of mathematics on their philosophy and architecture) is the Greeks - a full thousand years later; then of course, there was a thousand years or so depending on how you measure things, after the Greeks to the Renaissance which is was a mathematical step above again ultimately leading to the Industrial revolution.

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