Friday, May 11, 2012

picture for the day/ Leonardo Da Vinci vitruvian man

Leonardo Da Vinci lived while the Byzantine empire finally fell and many Greeks who were learning in some backroom and kept it between them and the walls of their homes.  This was actually long after Leonardo's formative years.  In other words, Leonardo had little to go on. His scientific method was actually drawing these things as a way of writing and noting details.

Let me elaborate a little bit here; when mathematical scientists want to understand something; they want to know it's structural relations and their behaviors; mathematicians do this in a language kind of way; they code up nature in language; Leonardo Da Vinco thought and did this in terms of drawing; drawing was his language skills.

On the other hand, he drew this semi-regular solid!

The wiki mentions some suggestions about his science and technology even I'm in disbelief!  Steam cannon(nobody then or now has ever done that except maybe rockets; to bad technology wasn't advanced enough for him to build that!), concentrated solar power, calculator(i can kind of believe this one; to bad he wasn't able to get around to building that!).

Well, I found a picture of Leonardo Da Vinci's computer speculations,

And then of course, there's people who think Leonardo Da Vinci knew of the sungods understanding of Jesus Christ because he either leaves out details, changes details, or introduces weird details in his picture of Jesus christ and the twelve disciples of Jesus christ(the twelve constellations of the zodiac according to the sungods mythology - whether Jesus Christ, or mithras, or Osiris . . . ;)

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