Friday, March 9, 2012

youtube for the day/ Gerard k. O'neill - the High Frontier

I hope to comment perhaps more extensivelly in the future.  But, the primary reason to post this is because I remember, when young, I associated space technology with advanced, futuristic, exciting technology.  This I'm argueing now is similar to what I've been saying about how people have thought some things are the way things are - the earth centered cosmology, the Greeks with their geometric algebra(I'd say people's idea of fun; they say, I want to have fun; what they mean is spectating, not doing fun; and certainly not scientific adventure; and, they phrase it so  that you can't come back and respond; they stop thought dead in its tracks).

  One of Gerard O'Neill's students, Eric Drexler, perhaps stumbled on the idea of nano-manufacturing(it had been thought of before by Richard Feynman back in 1959).  This idea, Eric Drexler, realized changes the need for space colonization as the necessary way to solve humanities physical needs. 

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