Monday, March 12, 2012

youtube for the day/ 3d printing advances microtechnology

There's always been more than one nanotechnology method - dna nanotech, the silicon phot etch technique which became microtechnology of the 1980s; Scientific American made this famous with a cover of two micrometer gears that can move each other; i'm having a hard time finding an online picture of these.  Scanning Tunneling microscopes.  Each type has made advances and taken the lead; just when you think one is the most promising, the other takes the lead. I certainly find it exciting.

This latest 3d printing technology uses lasers interaction with molecules; so, it can potentialy make nanometer parts.  Well, the article I read said it can make nanometer parts.  This is actually microtechnology(a millonth of a meter; not a billionth for nanotechnology).

The above youtube is of a 200 micrometer racecar(which doesn't work).  Compared to those 1980 micro gears, this is a pretty good advance.  And, if this method works by means of molecular transformations, then, maybe this is more promising than one can hope for!

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