Friday, November 11, 2011

youtube for the day/ Secrets of the Stone Age

Well, this video not available in the Americas is back up on youtube!  Here you can see the underground Malta ruins I mentioned way back on this blog!  Richard Rudgley also notes some remarkable greenish stones which can only come from the Alps; hence, the Malta builders either traded with those people(the greenish stone looks like a working tool) or they came from there to build Malta.  Why?  Could they have built Malta on an Island so that others wouldn't destroy their great creation?  That's what I would hypothesize.  This is also my thought about the Minoan ruins.  Now, maybe the Island of Crete had a certain amount of agricultural eventualy.  But, maybe they first started out building their maze ruins on Crete to keep their creative artistic effort from being destroyed by others on the mainland.  The facts of Malta above gives some strength to my suggestion.

There is much more to say about this video series.  Finding the other episodes should be pretty easy.  Anyways, in episode 2 or 3, Richard Rudgley talks to somebody who says language might have been started by the use of stones for arithmetic reasons.  In my previous blog, I suggested that maybe mathematics helped inspire people to think of agriculturalism.  They may have played with plants in geometric patterns and set them in given places.  As they came back to these places, they noticed the plants grown where they put them in the ground.  I'm forgetting everything I thought of before actually.  I'd like to note further here that Morris Kline in his "Mathematics in Western Culture" that mathematics could not have come about from practical reasons of starving for food first.  He gives the example that astronomy and the Egyptian mathemtics to do their astronomy could not have been concieved while lost out in sea. They must have come up with the mathematics first which then inspired the astronomy which then inspired navigating in uncharted waters.  This may go for agriculturalism as well.

I'd like to further note that the magic language ability seemingling of Human capability only of moving words around like john loves lucy; lucy loves john is a bit of mystery.  I had suggested in my previous blog that it might have been mathematics that inspired this language ability.  The above conversation of Richard Ridgley with the language origins expert(expert?) suggest likewise as well.  Note: i'm not describing everything that needs to be described; to say the least, apply what I and Jacob Bronowski suggest about the nature and origin of mathematical thought in the second to last article of this blog.

Further notes!  Remarkably, Richard Rudgley doesn't mention the tally sticks of tens of thousands of years ago(up to thirty thousand years!).


  1. I really like mathematics, it is an unending means of communicating in so many ways. Great post!

  2. Thanks Tereza. Yes, mathematics is infinit. Most people don't realize that!